Welcome to KORU Cremation | Burial | Ceremony

KORU Cremation | Burial | Ceremony – Under One Roof

In 2021 KORU made some big and exciting changes to the physical space we work in.

We are now grateful to be working from our renovated facilities to provide the full cycle of services we offer. At our location in South Vancouver we have our very own gathering room, bathing room, and cool room (morgue).

The KORU Gathering Room is designed to be a flexible, multi-purpose space. Small family + friend groups can gather for private time with their dead (viewing or funeral service). It can be a backdrop for a virtual ceremony, used as a teaching space or a meeting room.

The KORU Bathing Room is a unique space for family + friends to practice the ancient ritual of caring for their dead, with the guidance from experienced staff. It is the same space that KORU uses when that work is entrusted solely to us.

Having a cool room on-site gives both our client families and the KORU team comfort knowing that  the deceased are sheltered and cared for under one roof.

We are grateful to Felicia Chang for contributing her gift of photography in capturing our space.