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Are You Being Served Well?

Michelle Pante, co-founder of WILLOW:: Inspired End of Life Planning, recently wrote a short blog piece about "responsive funeral services". I think it's a fantastic way to describ

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One Man’s Funeral

KORU recently had the great privilege of serving the Grayston family with the funeral of their beloved, Donald Grayston. The service was steeped in and with ritual, prayer, stories

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“Iron Hands” and The Cascadia Society

I recently learned about The Cascadia Society in North Vancouver. What an incredible community. I can't do justice to writing about all that they do, but what I can write abou

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Mentors Moving Mountains

Earlier this week KORU had the great privilege to serve the Grayston family in the funeral ceremonies for the late Donald E. Grayston. I have learned that Don was an inspirational

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“Death in the Family”

"Death in the Family. A personal look at the funeral industry and how a traditional family-run trade is being overtaken by big corporations." "Dying is big business. In 2014, the U

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