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There are many, many “memorial merchandise” options sold through funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoriums, all sold to benefit the surviving family and friends when a loved one dies. There are trinkets, doodads, jewellery, plaques, medallions, blankets and so on. You name it, it’s probably been turned into a “memorial merchandise” item or soon will be. Some of these items do actually hold some value for the people who buy them and many of them become irrelevant or just forgotten over time.

I’ve recently been introduced to a new “memorial merchandise” piece that really does provide a unique and valuable service to those who have endured the death of a loved (or even to those of us who are still living). The product / service is called DNA Memorials and it offers all of us the opportunity to save DNA for future use. A local news station in Maine recently interviewed a funeral director there who has also started offering it to his clients. Click here to see the story.

The next time you are told about a must have “memorial merchandise” piece, think about it’s real value to you, now and over time.


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