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IMMEDIATE NEED – Death Has Occured

We can help whether a death has just occurred or you expect it might happen soon. You can call the Vancouver number at 604-324-8285 or the North Shore number at 604-770-1471, twenty-four hours a day for guidance and help.

For all other inquiries our hours of business are Monday to Friday from 10am – 5pm and by appointment. We invite you to call or email us to talk about your situation, our pricing and to help you determine if you’d like our help. If you’d rather have that initial conversation in person, we can meet with you wherever you are most comfortable. Having a conversation involves no fees nor does it oblige you to hire us.


What do I have to do next?

Actually, very little needs to happen immediately. Whatever the scope of your feelings about this death, we encourage you to be with your emotions, be with your dead and let this new reality sink in.

Though it may not feel this way to you right now, a death is not an emergency. You do not need to immediately call 911 or arrange to have the deceased ‘taken away’. Depending on where the death occurs, you can just be with them and with each other before you take the next steps. Unless you’ve planned to care for the deceased yourself in your own home, the immediate next step usually involves moving the deceased.

After that, your big categories of choice are cremation or burial (disposition is the legal term) and what is a fitting goodbye ceremony? Read More 


You’ll find our prices and packages straightforward and easy to understand. There are no hidden fees. Visit the KORU Shop to see prices for urns, jewelry and other items to help you say goodbye and remember. Read more for all other pricing including registration of death, transportation and sheltering.


We have a section of FAQs or frequently asked questions about what happens when a death occurs in different locations i.e. a private home, hospital.


"I’m very happy I was able to find you online. I seriously feel like finding you was a blessing. Your services are extremely appreciated and helping me tremendously in this difficult time. Thank you so much Ngaio."
xo Carmen

“Thanks for making this last step less stressful. I found KORU Cremation online when searching Google for an urn. As many unfortunately figure out, the process of putting a loved one to rest is extremely emotional and stressful. I found a gorgeous marble urn at KORU Cremation, and they even went and brought in a desired colour for me the next day!"