Welcome to KORU Cremation | Burial | Ceremony

Thank you for the confidence that you have placed in KORU.

We want our client families to feel comfortable about making final arrangements in a time of illness or when unable to travel. We have created this website-assisted arrangement process. We can easily walk you the various steps over the phone and you can jump ahead and review or complete some of the steps if you feel comfortable. This page will serve as an agenda for the arrangement meeting.

There are various items that will need to be discussed during the time of the arrangements. We have categorized them into six groups:

Information Needed

    • Statistical information
    • Social Security Number
    • Cemetery information
    • Family Contact Information
    • Click here for details: Vital Statistics Web Form

Decisions You Will Have To Make

    • Burial or Cremation
    • Type of service and location
    • Choosing a clergy or celebrant
    • Music or other participants
    • Location of reception
    • Merchandise
    • Click here for details: Deathcare Choices

Selections for the Service:

    • Complete Packages: By phone, the Funeral Director can navigate you through the site to see options
    • Service Offerings: Service Bundles
    • Cremation Merchandise: Urns
    • Burial Merchandise: Caskets
    • Location for Service: Venues

Forms To Be Signed

    • Completed In Person, or
    • Submitted Through Docusign

Things You Need To Bring To Funeral Home

    • Clothing (including any special instructions): [LINK]
    • Photos for the video collage (can also be uploaded to us if you prefer): [LINK TO SAMPLE OR UPLOAD AREA]
    • Veteran Discharge papers if applicable

Introduction To New Services

    • Complimentary Online Obituary: see current obituaries here
    • Video DVD Tributes – see a sample here at bottom of obituary: [LINK]
    • Catering and Beverage Service – menu and photos here: [LINK]
    • Flowers, Cremation Jewelry and other Memorialization: [LINK TO ONLINE STORE]
    • Memorial Blankets & Keepsakes: [LINK TO ONLINE STORE]
    • Fingerprint Jewelry: [LINK TO ONLINE STORE]
    • DNA Legacy: Securigene
    • Reception Center, Catering and Beer and Wine options: [LINK]