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Prices effective as of March 2022…

Core Services

Foundation of all Bundles

KORU Family
Deathcare Bundle

$ 3,527
plus tax

Cremation Bundle

$ 2,767
plus tax

Burial Bundle

$ 3,642
plus tax

KORU Funeral
Service Bundle

$ 3,992
plus tax

Cremation Bundle

From $ 3,917
plus tax

Tailored cremation servicesEco friendly burials

KORU provides direct and tailored cremation, burial and ceremony services so that you can mourn and celebrate your dead your way.

KORU strongly supports and encourages Green Funeral practices that take place free from the use of toxic or non-biodegradable materials and chemicals.

To meet these standards KORU offers and provides:   

  • Eco-Friendly caskets and shrouds to enclose and transport the dead for burial and cremation ceremonies.
  • Essential, Natural Body Care of the Deceased with non-toxic, non-invasive practices (sanitation and temporary preservation using only non-toxic, biodegradable topical products – essential oils – and refrigeration).
  • Private and public viewings, home vigils, wakes, church funerals and graveside ceremonies when the deceased has been cared for naturally (as described above).