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KORU’s definition of “Conventional Burial” is when the deceased is buried in a conventional cemetery which requires the use of a wood or metal casket to enclose the deceased, the deceased is often embalmed even though it is not mandatory, a grave liner or vault is placed over the casket before final burial and individual headstones mark the grave.


KORU is one of a select number of funeral homes who meet the criteria for providing green funeral service by the Green Burial Council.

“Green Burial is a statement of personal values for those who seek to minimize their impact on the local and global environment. For people who are mindful of the cyclical nature of life, green burial is a spiritually fulfilling alternative to conventional burial or cremation. It is an environmentally sensitive practice: the body is returned to the earth to decompose naturally and contribute to new life.”   

Green Burial Society of Canada

Local Green Burial – Photo by KORU

There are five principals of green burial that are essential to adhere to.

  1. No Embalming
  2. Direct Earth Burial
  3. Ecological Restoration & Conservation
  4. Communal Memorialization
  5. Optimize Land Use

For a detailed explanation of these principals, visit Green Burial Society of Canada.

Green & Natural Burial Cemeteries

The cemeteries in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands that have achieved a green burial designation from either the Green Burial Society of Canada or The Green Burial Council (USA) are found at:

If Green Burial is not possible for you but you are interested in reducing your environmental impact during the funeral planning, here are 10 simple things you can do to make a difference:

  1. Carpool to any gathering.
  2. Donate to a charity rather than sending flowers.
  3. Choose a biodegradable urn (if cremation has been opted for).
  4. Choose an eco-friendly casket.
  5. Leave a living marker in memory of the one who has died by planting a native tree or shrub.
  6. Choose a memorial marker made from local stone, rather than using markers made of imported stone.
  7. Choose to use local foods and beverages for your gatherings.
  8. Use recycled paper for memorial cards.
  9. Leave condolences online rather than sending a card.
  10. Tell others about the option to choose eco-friendly funeral products and services.

Natural Death

Natural death simply means that you would like your deceased person to be left as “undisturbed” as possible from professional, clinical intervention by KORU. This does not exclude the possibility of viewing and spending time with the one who has died. On the contrary, spending time with the body in as natural a state as possible after death can be a singularly beautiful moment. KORU would be gratified to have a full discussion about natural deaths and how we can assist you with this choice. Here is a quick link to our Contact Us page .

Home Vigil

If you are someone who has taken care of your family member in hers or his dying days, it is only natural to want to continue to provide that loving care after death.  Read more about Family-led / DIY/ or Home Funerals