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Flame-based cremation is the “disposition of choice” for laying our dead to rest in the Metro Vancouver area for many reasons. Some people choose it due to cultural or religious requirements or a personal sense of spiritual resonance with fire. Others are drawn to it because it can be a simpler and less expensive option over conventional burial.

Compared to burial, there is a sense that cremation offers more flexibility for families whose roots are elsewhere or for people whose families are very mobile; in these situations, the ashes, or cremated remains can travel with you if you move or wish to easily return someone to their home community (repatriation).

It can be incorporated into any type of ceremony or service or be a simple act separate from what you consider a fitting goodbye ritual or gathering. Opportunities for participation exist with cremation just as with burial, family and friends can be present or witness it and say a final goodbye in a profound and meaningful way.

Aquamation, A Greener Choice

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons 

Despite the widespread perception that cremation as we know it (flame-based, powered by natural gas) is a relatively eco-friendly option, it is not. There are other, better eco-friendly disposition choices, such as Alkaline Hydrolysis and Recomposition. However, at the time of this writing, neither are legal options in B.C. We hope to see that change. KORU works hard to reduce the flame-base cremation footprint by investing in Bullfrog Power, encouraging natural deathcare practices of the deceased body and providing eco-friendly cremation caskets and urns. Green / natural burial is our best option in B.C. if reducing your carbon footprint matters most to you.

Whatever this cremation is for you, we can help. You can call us at 604-324-8285 or 604-770-1471 anytime of day or night for help with an immediate death. For all other inquires, our business hours are Monday to Friday from 10 am – 5 pm and by appointment only. Please call or email us during our business hours if your need is not urgent and for help with planning ahead.