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In-ground whole body burial and above ground entombment are established and respected practices which many still choose today. If other family members have been buried or entombed in a mausoleum, it can be reassuring for the surviving members and future generations to know that their family tradition continues.

The resurgence of green burial and natural death care options in recent years has encouraged people to continue their sustainable life values at death. 

Click here to learn about green burial and natural death care choices.


  • Most cemeteries require 48 hours notice prior to the date of burial.
  • Conventional Burial is different from Green Burial, click here to learn why
  • Burial can only take place on property the provincial government has designated as suitable for burial.
  • Every cemetery has its own unique bylaws so what is protocol or expected practice at one cemetery is not necessarily the same at another cemetery.
  • All funeral homes, regardless of who owns them, can organize a burial at any cemetery, regardless of who owns the cemetery. In other words, if your cemetery of choice owns and operates a funeral home, you are not obligated to use their funeral home.
  • Cemetery plots used for full-body burial (vs cremated remains burial) often have room to include 1 or more set of cremated remains.
  • There are many cemeteries in the Lower Mainland. To review our list of municipal, private faith-based and green burial cemeteries, read more.

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Go to General Price List for an itemized list of the services we provide. We are happy to accommodate creative family requests for anything from a homemade casket to a full home vigil. Our team is here to provide your family the services you are looking for with compassion and professionalism.


Go to Caskets to get a sense of which caskets or shroud would suit your needs, your tastes and your budget. Once again, we are happy to welcome homemade caskets or special product requests.

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