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In-ground whole body burial and above ground entombment are established and respected practices, which many still choose today. If other family members have been buried or entombed in a mausoleum, it can be reassuring for the surviving members and future generations to know that their family tradition continues.

In recent years, there’s been a resurgence of sorts for it as more people choose green options over cremation or conventional burial.



Green or natural burial is when the body is returned to the earth in as natural a state as possible, allowing the earth to decompose the body, contributing to the renewal of the environment.

When it is chosen, the body is prepared without embalming before being placed into a biodegradable casket made of natural fiber (wicker or sustainably harvested wood) or wrapped in a biodegradable shroud.

In the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island, green burial options available to any member of the public (i.e. no residency restrictions) are found at Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver and at Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria. Both of these cemeteries have a level of ‘green’ certification by the Green Burial Council based in the United States. The Green Burial Society of Canada is developing a ‘made in Canada’ certification system. For more information visit Green Burial Society of Canada.

If Green Burial is not possible for you but you are interested in reducing your environmental impact during the funeral planning, here are 10 simple things you can do to make a difference:

  1. Carpool to any gathering.
  2. Donate to a charity rather than sending flowers.
  3. Choose a biodegradable urn.
  4. Choose an eco-friendly casket.
  5. Leave a living marker in memory of the one who has died by planting a native tree or shrub.
  6. Choose a memorial marker made from local stone, rather than using markers made of imported stone.
  7. Choose to use local foods and beverages for your gatherings.
  8. Use recycled paper for memorial cards.
  9. Leave condolences online rather than sending a card.
  10. Tell others about the option to choose eco-friendly funeral products and services.

Natural Death

Natural death simply means to KORU that you would like your deceased person to be left as “undisturbed” as possible from professional, clinical intervention by KORU. This does not exclude the possibility of viewing and spending time with the one who has died. On the contrary, spending time with the body in as natural a state as possible after death can be a singularily beautiful moment. KORU would be gratified to have a full discussion about natural deaths and how we can assist you with this choice. Here is a quick link to our Contact Us page .

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 Please visit the FAQ section for more information

  • Most cemeteries require 48 hours notice prior to the date of burial.
  • Burial can only take place on property the provincial government has designated as suitable for burial.
  • Every cemetery has its own unique bylaws so what is protocol or expected practice at one cemetery is not necessarily the same at another cemetery.
  • All funeral homes, regardless of who owns them, can organize a burial at any cemetery, regardless of who owns the cemetery. In other words, if your cemetery of choice owns and operates a funeral home, you are not obligated to use their funeral home.
  • Cemetery plots used for full-body burial (vs cremated remains burial) often have room to include 1 or more set of cremated remains.
  • Cemeteries can receive independent third-party certification to verify the degree to which their practices and protocols are ‘green.’
  • There are several cemeteries in the Lower Mainland. To review our list of municipal, private and faith-based cemeteries, read more.


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