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Natural (Green) Death Care

Natural or Green Death Care embodies the values of those who desire to exit this world leaving as a light of a footprint as possible. Decisions about all aspects of death care from how the deceased body is attended to, merchandise chosen (casket or shroud and urn), place and form of disposition chosen and ceremony details are practiced in an eco-conscious manner. 

Natural body care means that you would like your deceased person to be cared for in a minimally invasive way and without the use of harsh chemicals that are typically used during an embalming operation. This does not exclude the possibility of viewing and spending time with the one who has died. On the contrary, spending time with the body in as natural a state as possible after death can be a singularly beautiful moment.

KORU Cremation | Burial | Ceremony only practices natural body care at its place of practice, but can accommodate those requesting embalming. 

Home Vigil

If you are someone who has taken care of your family member in her or his dying days, it is only natural to want to continue to provide that loving care after death. KORU encourages families to explore this option with or without KORU’s guided assistance to prepare the body of the one who has died in the privacy of a family home. There is much to learn and prepare for when planning for a home vigil but the agency that families maintain and the grace of being able to guide the mourning without the “permission” from others, is immensely valuable.  

We would be gratified to have a full discussion about natural death care, home vigils and how we can assist you with these choices.