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DeathCare Redefined

KORU is a locally owned deathcare business led by women. Our desire to leave a lighter footprint on earth in our personal lives, is evident in our professional work as we return to the fundamentals of deathcare and focus on eco-friendly practices and products to serve our community. We are responsive to the needs of our communities, providing simple and tailored cremation, burial and ceremony services in Metro Vancouver. We will help you care for, remember, mourn and celebrated your dead your way. Plans can be made in-person at our Practice in Vancouver, at a location of your choosing, by phone, video call or email.

We know and appreciate the value of hard work and have made deliberate choices to ensure that our pricing is fair and affordable without sacrificing your expectations and experience. KORU is not a conventional “funeral home” but rather a practice of holistic death care. Our facilities are contemporary and designed to encourage families to participate in the care of their dead.  

Why we are called KORU

Ngaio, the founder of KORU is rooted strongly to both Canada and New Zealand. Her Maori ancestry, alongside her Canadian heritage, figures deeply in her personal foundation. KORU is the Maori word for a symbol that perfectly expresses the spirit and intentions of our organization. The words set in the image below are definitions of the word KORU.

Rebirth, New Beginnings, Spiritual Rejuvenation, Peace, Harmony, Endless Motion, Returning to the Point of Origin, Awakening, Growth, Nurturing


Sustainability Practices

KORU is a leader, innovator and educator in what we see as a new age of death, dying and end-of-life care. We have a keen interest in raising awareness about local sustainably sourced and community-minded products and practices.

At KORU, we recognize the importance of addressing our environmental impact. We’re reducing the carbon emissions footprint of our operations and supporting renewable energy in Canada by choosing green electricity through our partnership with Bullfrog Power.

Green Burial Council Certified

KORU supports families with green burial, natural body-care practices, home death, home vigils and the “greening up” of our current cremation options, along with conventional funeral service offerings. KORU is one of a select number of funeral homes that meets the criteria for providing green funeral services by the Green Burial Council.

KORU has made a conscious choice to only sell caskets and shrouds for burial and cremation that are either Canadian made and / or eco-friendly in their materials and construction. We know how important it is for all of us to do our part to leave lighter footprints on our earth.

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