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End of life doulas are friends and colleagues in community. We are grateful and happy to be able to refer to them as resources and supports for our families.

Michelle Kotowski


Michelle brings a wealth of experience to her role as a death doula. Not only does Michelle provide emotional support to assist in decision-making, and facilitation of meaningful experiences that honour the life and preferences of each person to ensure a peaceful and dignified farewell, she will sit in vigil, offer respite care and hold space with families. She also provides services in navigating the BC healthcare system, patient support and end of life planning. 

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Tracy Chalmers

endwell | from the north shore to vancouver

“I feel as though my life up until this point, both personal and professional, has led me perfectly here – to a place where I can gently encourage people to talk about death.  These conversation include what makes life worth living, core values, and future health care wishes – it’s all about and how people want to live, right up until the end.”

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Karen Hendrickson

Take the journey

“Whether tomorrow, next month, next year or years from now, we will all face our own inevitable death.  So let’s get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and prepare for a life well lived and a death well planned for.   Death is not the opposite of life, it is part of it. “

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Karla Kerr

Victoria, BC - End of life planning and care

“As a funeral director, I am committed to providing transparent post-death options rooted in experience and compassion. As a Death Doula, I aim to empower individuals to first identify, then share their end of life values with those who need to know. I facilitate comfortable, family-inclusive conversations.  I also provide guidance and support for post-death body care.

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Holly Mitton

Sacred Journey Pathways

Sacred Journey Pathways was born to support those who are in their dying process, comfort those who grieve, educate those who don’t know their options and advocate for those who need a voice.

Whether you want to prepare for your death or you need help in grieving the loss of someone, this is your sacred journey. You choose the path. We are here to assist you in any way we can.”

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