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KORU works in collaboration with experienced Event Planners to create a unique and memorable ceremony experience for your family. Whether it is an in-person gathering, a virtual service or a combination of the two, KORU can guide you through it all.

There is no one “right” way to honour and mourn for the one who has died through ceremony. You may find solace in a traditional funeral mass or a sorrowful graveside ritual that rekindles stories told to you by your grandmother. A heartfelt and even joyous celebration of life may resonate with you. You may be yearning for a thoughtful and unique ceremony that creates connection and meaning, and supports you through the reality of death. You may need guidance in sifting through different ideas. Still, you may know precisely what you want but need assistance in making it happen. 

  • Ceremonies can be led by a religious leader like a priest, rabbi, reverend, imam or minister
  • Ceremonies can be created and led by you, your family friend, your Aunt or by a person trained as a Celebrant or Officiant; a professional ceremony maker. KORU has recommended several trusted and very talented Life Celebrants in our Resource section
  • There are many words used to describe a “funeral service” but essentially they all represent the same thing, honouring the life of someone who has died and offering an outlet for family and friends to mourn together
  • All funeral homes, regardless of who owns them, can organize a burial at any cemetery, regardless of who owns the cemetery. In other words, if your cemetery of choice owns and operates a funeral home, you are not obligated to use their funeral home
  • Your ceremony, or service, may be one of, or a combination of these different types of ceremony: funeral service, wake, visitation, viewing, memorial service, celebration of life, graveside service, living tribute
  • Resurrected names for ceremonies in which family and friends are involved in a more hands-on way (like in the ‘olden days’), are family-led funeral, DIY funeral, home funeral
  • Celebrant and Death Doula services have been described as one of the fastest growing careers for people over 50. For more information, visit Death Doula Network International or the Celebrant Institute & Foundation