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These books are written by colleagues and friends of KORU, and come as recommended reading to anyone on their end of life planning or grief journeys.

Love and Salt Air

by Lisa Hartley

Lisa’s book is a heart map of loss and healing based on her life on the West CoastIt is part memoir, part companion through grief—always thoughtful and compelling.

Love and Salt Air weaves a delicate story from Lisa’s experience of her mother’s death from stomach cancer to her work as a celebrant supporting grieving clients with ritual and ceremony. It is at once a heartfelt tale and a guidebook for all who are facing the death of a loved one.

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Advance Care Planning

by Connie Jorsvik

Connie has worked in and around the health-care industry for more than 30 years, and has seen first hand what happens when people don’t have a plan, and also how things can turn out when they do.

Jorsvik shares her experience in this book in hopes that readers will be empowered to put together personalized plans, communicate them with those who matter, and make them legal so they can be carried out when necessary. Life takes many unexpected turns. This book will show you how planning for the future can help you avoid some of the unwanted ones.

Connie’s book can be ordered through Amazon.