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Love and Salt Air

by Lisa Hartley

Lisa’s book is a heart map of loss and healing based on her life on the West CoastIt is part memoir, part companion through grief—always thoughtful and compelling.

Love and Salt Air weaves a delicate story from Lisa’s experience of her mother’s death from stomach cancer to her work as a celebrant supporting grieving clients with ritual and ceremony. It is at once a heartfelt tale and a guidebook for all who are facing the death of a loved one.

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Advance Care Planning

by Connie Jorsvik

Connie has worked in and around the health-care industry for more than 30 years, and has seen first hand what happens when people don’t have a plan, and also how things can turn out when they do.

Jorsvik shares her experience in this book in hopes that readers will be empowered to put together personalized plans, communicate them with those who matter, and make them legal so they can be carried out when necessary. Life takes many unexpected turns. This book will show you how planning for the future can help you avoid some of the unwanted ones.

Connie’s book can be ordered through Amazon.

Navigating the BC Healthcare System


Your Simplified Guide to the BC Healthcare System

It has always been important to be an empowered patient or caregiver, but likely never more so than right now. If we are or someone we care about is seriously ill, we have to rely on the healthcare system — but it is also on life-support and we must know how to do the heavy lifting in our own care.

This step-by-step guide is for those who suddenly find themselves with serious illness or injury in a medical world that moves too fast and seems to speak another language. Whether you are self-advocating, or advocating for a loved one, and if you are facing confusion or hard healthcare choices in British Columbia, this guide is for you. 

Connie’s book is available through AppleGoogleKOBONOOK (Barnes and Noble); AMAZON (Kindle).

End of Life Guideline Series

by Barbara Karnes, RN

Offered exclusively through Death Doula Network International (DDNI)

The End of Life Guideline Series is a compilation of five of our most popular hospice and palliative care books. These resources meet Medicare requirements for consistent family education and have been shown to significantly improve CAHPS scores and family survey results.   

The series includes the following books.

1.  A Time to Live – Living with a Life Threatening Illness

For the newly diagnosed facing a life limiting illness, this booklet addresses issues of comfort, nutrition, and sleep as they relate to the palliative care patient. It provides guidance to help them live the best life they can within the confines of their body and disease. 

2. Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience

With over 30 million copies sold, the “Little Blue Book” is the most beloved and widely used resource of its kind. This educational handout guides the family through the stages of the dying process over months, weeks, days, and hours. Agencies nationwide use this booklet as part of their end of life care plan.

3. The Eleventh Hour: A Caring Guideline For the Hours to Minutes Before Death 

Companion booklet to Gone From My Sight, The Eleventh Hour explains what to do and how to care for your loved one during the end of life process. Agencies nationwide use this booklet as part of their end of life care plan.

4. Pain at End of Life: What You Need to Know About End of Life Comfort and Pain Management 
Intended for families and professionals dealing with narcotics and pain management as end of life approaches. Addresses fear of overdosing and addiction, around the clock administration, standardized dosages, uses of morphine, and more.

5. My Friend, I Care: The Grief Experience 
Addresses the normal process of grief while offering suggestions for moving forward into living. Often used as a sympathy card by professional agencies, religious organizations and individuals.

The End of Life Guideline Series prepares its readers for the natural, normal process of dying and grief. You can find comfort in these books on end of life even years after the death of a loved one, as we often have unresolved questions and concerns.

Like all of Barbara’s booklets, this series is written in large print and the information is conveyed in a simple, direct yet gentle manner.

Purchase Barbara Karnes’ books directly through DDNI

The Death Deck

Offered exclusively through Death Doula Network International (DDNI)

THE DEATH DECK – A Lively Game of Surprising Conversations 

You think you know your friends and family, right?  But do you know their thoughts on the most universal yet rarely talked about topic of all?  Players of THE DEATH DECK partner up to guess answers to deep. funny and sometimes weird questions on the topic of Death.

With 112 cards and numerous ways to play, THE DEATH DECK encourages lively conversations and life-changing dialogue.  


Purchase the Death Deck directly through DDNI

One Washcloth Project

One Washcloth hopes to facilitate involvement in the healing act of care for a loved one after death, by encouraging the gift of a washcloth to family and friends following a death at home, hospice, or in hospital.

One Washcloth hopes to encourage the sharing of a washcloth at the bedside following a death, with as many families as possible. Individuals and organizations may wish to purchase washcloth gift sets directly from One Washcloth, or source washcloths locally, themselves.  Gift tags are available, which gently explain the purpose of the washcloth, and can be attached to any washcloth that is given.

Using environmentally friendly and organic fabrics, One Washcloth gift sets cost approximately $15 to produce.  Please consider donating this amount for each One Washcloth gift bag and cloth set that you request.

We will gratefully accept donations to allow us to supply One Washcloth gift sets and gift tags to families and organizations that cannot afford to cover costs. We welcome you to make these generous donations in memory of a loved one or friend (memorial cards available; unfortunately we cannot offer charitable tax receipts at this time).

Help Texts

“Grief expert support via text”

KORU is gratified to be able to offer discounted subscriptions to this meaningful and much needed grief support service for anyone who is in need (you don’t have to be a KORU client). 

Help Texts sends you tips, resources, and practical wisdom after a death. Signup takes just five minutes and texts begin right away.

Getting support is as easy as getting a text. Your Help Texts subscription comes with two supporter invitations so your friends, coworkers, neighbors, or family members can also receive text tips about how to be there for you as you grieve.”

Sign up now at or scan the QR code to receive your discount.