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Thoughtful ceremonies create connection and meaning and support you to be with the reality of death. Whatever your culture, circumstance or challenge, we’re here to help you care for, remember, mourn and celebrate your family members and friends.

Our perspective is that any activity carried out with intention can be considered ceremony: lighting a single candle, writing a poem, making special food, or putting together a slideshow of photos. Some of you will find solace in a traditional funeral mass or a sorrowful graveside ritual that rekindles stories told to you by your grandmother. Still others will grieve through heartfelt and even joyous celebrations of life. There is not one “right” way to express grief through ceremony, but there is always a need to find an outlet for grief. KORU can help you find that outlet.


KORU recognizes that for a ceremony to resonate with you, the venue or gathering place may be a significant consideration. It is for this reason that KORU deliberately chose to not have an on-site funeral chapel. Instead, we can help you choose and plan a ceremony in a location that is special to you and your family. This may be in a garden, a park setting, a local brewery or your backyard. Whatever the choice, KORU can help you. Read more for venue selection options.

Home Funerals

If you’re a hands-on, DIY type of person, you may find meaning in the act of bathing or dressing the deceased or perhaps in spearheading your family to build a casket. Read more about Family-led / DIY/ or Home Funerals


You’ll find our prices and packages straightforward and easy to understand. There are no hidden fees. Visit the KORU Shop to see prices for urns, jewellry and other items to help you say goodbye and remember.Read more for all other prices including to arrange for cremation.


You can purchase what you need directly from our online KORU Shop, whether or not we help you with caring for your dead. Visit our Shop to see our diverse selection of urns and keepsake items like jewellry.


KORU has made a conscious decision to only sell caskets and shrouds for burial and cremation that are either eco-friendly in their materials and manufacture and / or are made in Canada. We know how important it is for all of us to do our part to leave lighter footprints on our earth.

To view a selection of caskets available through KORU, please go to this link to get a sense of which items suite your needs, your tastes and your budget.

 Please visit the FAQ section for more ceremony information

  • Ceremonies can be led by a religious leader like a priest, rabbi, reverend, imam or minister.
  • Ceremonies can be created and led by you, your family friend, your Aunt or by a person trained as a Celebrant or Officiant; a professional ceremony maker. KORU has recommended several trusted and very talented Life Celebrants in our Resource section.
  • There are many words used to describe a “funeral service” but essentially they all represent the same thing, honouring the life of someone who died.
  • All funeral homes, regardless of who owns them, can organize a burial at any cemetery, regardless of who owns the cemetery. In other words, if your cemetery of choice owns and operates a funeral home, you are not obligated to use their funeral home.
  • Your ceremony, or service, may be one or a combination of these common names for different types of ceremony: funeral service, wake, visitation, viewing, memorial service, celebration of life, graveside service, living tribute.
  • Resurrected names for ceremonies in which family and friends are involved in a more hands-on way (like in the ‘olden days), are family-led funeral, DIY funeral, home funeral.
  • Celebrancy has been described as one of the fastest growing careers for people over 50. For more information, visit the Celebrant Institute & Foundation



"I’m very happy I was able to find you online. I seriously feel like finding you was a blessing. Your services are extremely appreciated and helping me tremendously in this difficult time. Thank you so much Ngaio."
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“Thanks for making this last step less stressful. I found KORU Cremation online when searching Google for an urn. As many unfortunately figure out, the process of putting a loved one to rest is extremely emotional and stressful. I found a gorgeous marble urn at KORU Cremation, and they even went and brought in a desired colour for me the next day!"