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Cremation can be a simple and immediate way to care for someone, trusting that, in your own time, you’ll find a fitting way to say goodbye, remember and acknowledge the life lived. It can also be part of a series of sacred and meaningful rituals that create opportunities to mourn and celebrate the person who died as well as honour the impact their death has on the lives of those left behind. Learn more about cremation here.

At KORU our Essential Cremation Bundle includes everything needed for a simple cremation for $2,767 before tax. This can be added to and tweaked as needed to build something as elaborate or simple as requested at the time of need. There will be no sales pressure to add extras. 

Flame-based cremation is the only legal form of cremation for the deceased in British Columbia. The widely recognized alternative “green” cremation process, Aquamation or Alkaline Hydrolysis, while practiced in other jurisdictions in Canada and the USA, is not yet possible in BC. Click here to read more.

Quick Facts + Things to Know

  • Cremation is one of two legal ways to care for the deceased in BC.
  • 48 hours is the mandatory, legally required waiting period after death before a cremation can take place.
  • 2-3 hours is the usually duration of a cremation.
  • The amount of ash after cremation is more dependent on bone density than body weight.
  • 200 cubic inches / 3277 cubic cm is the average volume of cremated remains.
  • 7-10 lbs / 3-4.5 kg is the average weight of cremated remains.
  • In BC, the deceased must be cremated inside a rigid, combustible container.
  • You can be present for the beginning of the cremation process just like witnessing the lowering of a casket into the ground.
  • Memorial reefs, now available in BC, are permanent underwater cemeteries for cremated remains.
  • Cremation allows you all the same opportunities as burial for ritual and ceremony.