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Touch Wood

From Nicola and Dave:

“David is happy to work with wood you send to us, perhaps from a tree in the family yard and any inlay material you might like to combine with the ashes. You could include a bit of crushed stone or shell, dried flower petals, a lock of hair. We will guide you through the options.

Once we have all the details in place such as wood choices, sizes, inlay material safely delivered; then David likes to have a month with your commission. I book his work on a month by month basis, shipping at month end or in the first days of the following month.

While David works with you on your memorial ring or pin, we keep the ashes of your loved one in a special keepsake box overlooking the meadows as a symbolic way to share the scenery, the calls of the cranes, the sunrises and the moonlight. We stay in touch through email with work in progress updates, and photographs of what’s happening as your ring is ‘being born’.”

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