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Ngaio and Emily are committed to providing genuine eco-friendly deathcare services to their community of practice.

To achieve this, they are working towards a carbon-neutral KORU in 2027.

Their current efforts include contributing to clean energy to help off-set flame cremation emissions, curating KORU’s merchandise to local, Canadian crafted, and/or made from sustainable materials, and actively education about green deathcare.

Both Ngaio and Emily serve on boards advocating for Aquamation and Green Burial respectively, hoping to make these options widely available in BC and beyond.

Ngaio and Emily commit to ushering in an eco-friendly way of death for Vancouver, by continuing efforts and projects to meet this goal. 

“Whether at home or in the workplace, it’s nearly always going to be easier and more cost-effective to reduce your resource consumption before seeking out greener alternatives.” – quote from Andrew Yang (BFP) blog on “Reduce, Replace, Balance” March 2022

KORU supports families with green burial, natural body-care practices, home death, home vigils and the “greening up” of our current cremation options, along with conventional funeral service offerings. KORU is one of a select number of funeral homes that meets the criteria for providing green funeral services by the Green Burial Council.

KORU has made a conscious choice to only sell caskets and shrouds for burial and cremation that are either Canadian made and / or eco-friendly in their materials and construction. We know how important it is for all of us to do our part to leave lighter footprints on our earth.