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Brad Devlin, aged 51, of Langley, passed away on April 5, 2023, after an extended bout with a respiratory illness. Despite his illness, he fought hard and maintained a positive outlook, often making jokes, rating his hospital meals, and keeping things lighthearted.

Brad was born at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver BC. He is survived by his wife Heidi Baxmann, stepdaughter Alisha Baxmann Nuis, father Tim Devlin, stepmother Joyce Devlin, and brother-in-law Greg Burnham. He was predeceased by his mother Josie Cook and sister Siobhan.

Tim bought a Commodore 64 when Brad was 7 years old and dad never got his hands on it again. Brad became an instant Nerd and picked that computer apart programmatically. It is likely that obsession that ultimately led to his success in the adult life computing industry. We are so proud to hear from his coworkers that not only was he extremely talented, but he was “the best of the best”.

Brad was also an accomplished cook. In his youth he was required to wash the dishes on any night he didn’t cook. He watched a TV cooking show out of Seattle hosted by Jeff Smith and soon began impressing the family with his culinary delights and accomplishments. As an adult, he would often incorporate his homegrown veggies and herbs. Brad took care of his family and friends through his love of cooking. He claimed his secret ingredient was he “put love in it”.

Brad had endless hobbies and interests, but a favourite was Nintendo. Most recently, he was working on building arcades; 3D printing; and experimenting with audio synthesizers and writing music. Maybe he felt nostalgic about his old days in a punk band, SLUDGE.

Brad raised Alisha as his own, teaching her strength, resilience, and tenacity, and to always be true to yourself. He was someone you could always count on and a great friend. He made an impact on so many people and was such a unique person.

Brad was unapologetically himself and stood up for the people and philosophies he truly believed in. He had a strength and zest for life that will keep us all inspired.

“Your attitude determines your altitude.”

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