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Cheryl died peacefully and on her terms on November 14, 2021 at Laurel Place Hospice, Surrey. She is survived by her sister, Gail and her circle of dear friends.

Cheryl taught in Delta for most of her teaching career, instilling a love of literature and a deep curiosity about the world we live in, to her students. Cheryl adored her cat, Sergio and was an avid English Country dancer, square dancer and book club enthusiast.

A private burial service will take place at Heritage Gardens Cemetery, Surrey.

From the recollections of Cheryl’s long-time friend, Louise.

“Cheryl and I began our teaching careers in Tsawwassen, at English Bluff Elementary in the 1970’s. We were both in our twenties and excited about working with our students. Cheryl taught Grade 5’s.

She was also a very talented musician, and had studied music at UBC, and took on the music program for intermediate students at the school. She played piano and harp and enjoyed singing.

Before Cheryl moved to White Rock, she lived one block away from my husband and I on Centennial Beach in Boundary Bay. We used to go for long walks together, she thoroughly enjoyed watching the wonderful bird life that flourished along the shoreline. Cheryl had a great affinity for the ocean and even in her last days we would go down to Crescent Beach and just enjoy looking out across the water.

Eventually Cheryl moved to a school in Ladner and continued to instil a love of literature and a deep curiosity about the world we live in, to her students.

Towards the end of her career she worked exclusively with Home Hospital students. This was based in Burnsview Secondary in North Delta. This assignment came with many challenges but Cheryl thrived on helping her students achieve,  she had really found her calling.

Cheryl was intelligent, she had strong skills of observation and was able with ease, to succinctly and accurately  sum up situations.

She was particular about her clothing choices and always managed to look comfortable yet classy.

Cheryl had an amazing memory, she could recall students’ names and how they brightened her day. She  had a wonderfully dry sense of humour and a beautiful smile. I will miss her greatly but always remember her bravery, ability to rise above adversity and her genuinely kind nature.”




Condolence Messages

  1. Brandon Boisvert

    28 November 2021 1 week ago

    During the 1990s I was one of the home hospital students lucky enough to have had Ms Steinhauer as my teacher. For several difficult, lonely years she was my connection to the outside world, and her efforts to ensure my education left an enormous impact upon my life. She cared deeply for her students, and this came through with every visit. Always she would go above and beyond, often providing emotional support on top of the lessons. Her job was definitely not an easy one, and she had to fight continuously against a system that was all too willing to leave us behind. I will be forever grateful for all she did. It is no exaggeration to state that without her help I probably would not have made it through those years.

    She instilled within me an appreciation for literature, and this grew over the years to inspire my career choice. Without her having ensured my education and believing in me, I would never have believed myself to be capable of creating works worth sharing.

    We only recently reconnected during 2020, but it had been such a privilege to speak again, and especially to be able to share how great of a gift she gave to me. She touched so many lives in such positive ways, and I hope she understood how much she was valued by those who knew her.

    Ms Steinhauer was such a wonderfully unique, intelligent, creative, bold soul and she will be greatly missed. Thank you for everything, Cheryl.

  2. Erika Bennedik

    28 November 2021 1 week ago

    Cheryl started taking violin lessons with me way back in 1985. She eventually gave up, aware of the fact that she would not be able do play her beloved dance tunes as well as she had hoped to. . We remained friends until the end, sharing our love for nature and for cats.

    I admired her intelligence, spirit and determination. The latter helped her so much controlling Parkinson’s. My husband and I took her along on a few outings during the last two years. I have a beautiful picture of her, hand feeding a red winged blackbird at the Reifel sanctuary just before Covid hit . I will remember how happy she was at that moment.

    After being struck so hard by illness, she has deserved to rest in peace.

  3. Jacquie Stinson

    27 November 2021 1 week ago

    I knew Cheryl through the contra dance community and although I didn’t know her well I would meet her around White rock and we would happily chat about our shared interests. She was always pleasant and friendly asking with intensity about this and that dancer. She carried an intelligent gentle presence and I send her family and friends my condolences.

  4. Dorin Sherriff

    26 November 2021 1 week ago

    I met Cheryl first as a customer, then we attended a dance studio together. Louise’s comment about her being particular with her clothing choices….. I helped her make all those choices look good on her !! We often attended dance sessions at the Scottish Centre in Vancouver. Many interesting discussions about life and the world took place at my home. She told me the last time that I saw her that she was ill…. I think of her every time I drive past her South Surrey home. Condolences to Gail and all those that knew her better than I…… and loved her proud spirit and soul.

  5. Martina Eastman

    22 November 2021 2 weeks ago

    Dear family and friends of Cheryl.
    Our deepest sympathies to all of you.

    Cheryl was a very special young woman. We were all very fond of her and grateful for the ‘young love’ she shared with our brother Piet. Sadly , he was taken from her and from us too soon, and we lost touch … even though she still lived nearby.
    May she Rest In Peace and connect with all the loves who have gone before her.

    The Traas siblings:
    Tini, Laura, Rina, John, Henk

  6. Christman Lee

    20 November 2021 2 weeks ago

    I had the pleasure of working with Cheryl at Burnsview Jr. Secondary in the 1990’s and 2000’s. She was very professional and I enjoyed talking to her about the students she had. I remember visiting Cheryl at her new place in South Surrey and noticed that the kitchen cabinets were much lower than normal. Being on the short side, she had the cabinets built so she could easily access them. Very clever thinking! RIP Cheryl.

  7. Laura Eriksson

    20 November 2021 2 weeks ago

    Cheryl sparkled her way into our family when we first met at UBC in 1964. Her life was infused with curiosity, a musical love of life and its diverse layers. Our conversations were many and rich.
    We also carried sorrow together… which was an eternal invisible bond.

    After graduation, my life led us to Chicago, and we
    lost touch. Thankfully, we did connect many years later.
    Sven and I send our condolences to Gail and to those who cherished this dear gifted woman.
    May she Rest In Grace and Peace.

    laura and Sven Eriksson

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