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Constance was born in Victoria, British Columbia, passed away on Jan 4, 2024, in Vancouver at the age of 84. She is preceded in death by many, notably her parents, Lillian and Jim Carroll, and her son Michael. Constance is survived by her son John, daughter Kathy, grandchildren Kaitlyn Lormer, Johnny Lormer, Joey Micali Jr., and Harvey Duncan. She also leaves behind her closest sibling, Winston, and numerous other family members, as well as her family friend, Katrina Prescott.

Constance lived life on her terms, embracing personal freedom as her defining trait. She shared adventurous moments with her children, embracing John’s football achievements and witnessing Kathy’s journey into motherhood in Las Vegas. The joy of her life was found in the happiness of her family.

She loved strolls in the West End by the ocean and relished a cold Budweiser on a sunny day. She would wish to be remembered as a free, stubborn spirit who lived life to the fullest.

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