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Geoffrey James Blossom

March 11, 1963 – July 5, 2016 at 6:46 pm

A beloved son, brother, father and friend. Geoff passed away in peace after a courageous fight with cancer he couldn’t win. He leaves behind two precious daughters, Emily and Kayla; former wife Anne; family, John, Myrna, Mike and Bryan.

Geoff was a hero to all who knew him.

Rest in Peace.

Condolence Messages

  1. Darryl Dreger

    15 July 2016 6 years ago

    What a fantastic part you played in one of the most fun, and exciting chapters of my life.
    We played hard, From ‘Nutin at Nine’ to windsurfing, water skiing, bare footing at midnight!!!
    Our moto was “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” (Warren Zevon song).
    Sleep Geoff

  2. Dave and Dana Kent

    14 July 2016 6 years ago

    We wish to extend our condolences to family and friends. I am really struggling with what to write, trying to articulate our sorrow over Geoff’s passing. I met Geoff when he was in grade 10 (I was in grade 11). My Family had just returned to Edmonton. Being relatively new to that area of town, it was a tough age to try and fit in. I don’t recall how it happened, but somehow Geoff, Dwayne and Eugene brought me in and we became inseparable. We enjoyed many activities, events, adventures…….(can’t share all those). It came time for college, and I left town for a while, but still kept in touch with the “old gang” every chance I could back then. I was honored when Geoff accepted to being our Best Man at our wedding. Since then, work has taken us to different parts of the country and for the most part we lost touch. We would catch up periodically, or get updates from Myrna and John. The news of Geoff’s passing hit hard. We had not known that Geoff had been ill. All I can say is Geoff is not gone. He will be with many of us for ever in our thoughts, our memories, our and our hearts.

  3. brent

    14 July 2016 6 years ago

    While Geoff was extreme on the outside with his MMA, hair of the dog in the morning after way to many dirty mother’s,bare foot water skiing,double black diamond down hill,muscle cars and motorcycle .What always stood out to me, was how soft on the inside he was.Kind considerate and caring ,he was a great friend and amazing father.It has been a honor to be a friend to such a unique individual .His Light burned so bright and faded way to soon..

  4. Sharon Bruns

    13 July 2016 6 years ago

    I wish to express my profound condolences to Geoff’s sweet girls Emily and Kayla as well as to John, Myrna, Bryan and Mike. To his extended family and to all his; too numerous to count friends; he will be dearly missed by all. I did not know Geoff very well but as Mike’s partner of 23 years I have come to know his family and have heard of all the many friends he has acquired over his short life. John and Myrna are so very proud of all Geoff’s accomplishments and love their precious grand daughters. I feel as if I do know him just by listening to Bryan and Mike, always talking about what a special person he is and all his many feats. When I think of Geoff, I just see this huge smile that covers most of his face.I know he loved his girls more then anything in the world and would have done anything that was humanly possible to be with them. Emily and Kayla, know that he will always be there beside you looking out for you.
    I have to tell a short storey that Bryan told me after going down south to visit Geoff. As you all know, Geoff was a very accomplished athlete and wrestler and while Bryan was visiting him he decided to show him some wrestling techniques. Bryan was sworn to secrecy, “Don’t tell Mom or Dad”, they might worry. Bryan said that he was shown “Some Moves” alright and after getting flipped here and thrown there he was pretty sore and stiff for quite a few days. Not long after this secret training session Bryan came north to visit Mike and myself. While sitting around the fire one night with our neighbour Dave, Bryan decided to show off the wrestling skills that Geoff had taught him. Dave challenged Bryan to charge him. Well, that he did!! and within 30 seconds Dave was in a head lock on the ground with Mike yelling “Dave, Tap Out, Tap Out”. Poor Dave was covered with grass and looking rather sheepish when all was said and done. Geoff must have been a good instructor! Sorry I gave up your secret Geoff and Bryan but I’m sure John and Myrna will understand. By the way the neighbours are still talking to us and are looking forward to Bryan coming again. No wrestling allowed.
    I am sorry I will not be there for the memorial but please know that in my heart I am with you all and if there is anything that I can do in the future I am only a phone call away.
    Love you all
    Yours with heartfelt sincerity

  5. Don & Elza

    13 July 2016 6 years ago

    Geoff… a wonderful soul full of life and story telling. We shared so many wonderful memories… golfing, baseball, camping, potluck. The one memory that will always make me laugh is a BBQ at Brent & Erin’s and after one too many tequila’s decided to have a slip and slid completion to see who can slide the farthest… yes it was Geoff but not before loosing his shorts and everything underneath. 🙂 The memories that we shared will always be embedded in our hearts.
    Our thoughts and prayers with Geoff’s Family.
    RIP dear friend

  6. Joe and Erna Brkich

    13 July 2016 6 years ago

    We had the pleasure to spend time with Geoff during the winter seasons in Hemlock. Geoff was always a guy who liked to talk and had wonderful stories to share. Lots of laughs shared around the tables in Molly’s Pub. He also always spoke of the girls and how proud he was with their achievements.

    Our condolences to the family during this difficult time.

    Geoff will always be remembered and never forgotten.

  7. Roy and Karen Maxwell

    13 July 2016 6 years ago

    Geoff was larger than life and so much fun to be around. Could fill many pages with humorous Geoff stories. Geoff was also a man whom had so much compassion for others. Just as he loved to have fun and loved it when others around him were having fun he also hurt when other people around him were hurting. Still remember a camping trip to Woods Lake where the adults were in the local pub and the kid’s were hanging around a campfire at Geoff and Annie’s new motor home. Our son, for whatever reason, thought it would be a good idea to throw an unopened can of pop into the fire to see what happened. In short order an explosion which we heard from the pub scattered hot ashes onto the top of the motorhome canopy creating a number of holes in the new canopy. Needless to say we were not impressed and made him promise to pay for repairs, apologize to Geoff and grounded him to our motorhome. Shortly after Geoff began to feel sorry for our son and the fact that our son was now hurting. Was not long before Geoff was in our motorhome having a man to man talk with our son and not long after both of them were feeling much better about the situation. Geoff was a class act and we will miss him more than words can express.

  8. barbarajokent

    12 July 2016 6 years ago

    I would like to keep in touch with Myrna and John if that would be ok with them as I know it is very hard to lose some one that you guys loved very much and that was part of the blossom family Right from day one we could keep in touch by mail or by Email address . I will be thinking about you guys over the weekend at Geoffrey s furnal on the weekend again I am very sorry to hear that Myrna and John lost one of there boys to cancer this passed week lets keep in touch Myrna as I would like to hear from you guys again

  9. Barbara Jo Kent

    12 July 2016 6 years ago

    To Myrna and John and Bryan and mike I am very sorry to hear about Geoffrey as I was very surprised to hear about Geoffrey having cancer and I would like to just say how very sorry I was to hear that Myrna and John lost one of there kids to cancer as Bryan loved been around Geoffrey and mike as. Bryan thought the world of his two brothers and Bryan thought the world of mike as he went fishing with mike all the time. I was very sorry to hear that Myrna and John lost one of there boys and I know time heals the death of one of your boys name Geoffrey and I hope every thing goes well on the weekend I would like to be there but I have to work at Walmart here in Edmonton from Barbie Kent

  10. Darren Platt

    12 July 2016 6 years ago

    I first met Geoff when I was about ten years old. Our older brothers Rick and Mike were friends and so being a couple years younger then Geoff, I was the tag a long. We spent what seemed like endless summer days playing football, golfing, trampolining, going diving at O’leary pool, or making trails in Briggs’ wheat field. The Blossom home was the house many of the McLeod Neighborhood kids came to hang out, Geoff’s parents were always so hospitable even when I was a little punk sometimes. Okanagan cherries, Mike’s famous macaroni and cheese and his famous blender lemonade were my favorites on the Blossom menu. When the weather turned cold we either loaded into Mike’s rambler and went skiing to Rabbit Hill or back to the Blossom home to shoot pool, play ping-pong, listen to albums and lose ourselves in long poker games because we all had paper routes/jobs at the Londonderry Hotel and money to lose. Those were the wonder years, Geoff was a great childhood friend and patiently and generously put up with me.
    My condolence and prayers to Geoff’s entire family… may you find the peace of Christ in the midst of your grieving and sorrow. Geoff was such a generous and talented person and will be missed by all who knew him.

  11. Dorothy and Harvey

    12 July 2016 6 years ago

    As mother in law to Dwayne Ellis, I knew Geoff through them, a great guy, funto be with, talk to, respectful. I know his family is grieving a great loss and they have our condolences RIP. Geoff

  12. Mark Hampton

    12 July 2016 6 years ago

    I met Geoff in grade 2 and he has been my friend ever since. Geoff is the only person I know who broke his arm in every grade when we were kids. Geoff loved to do anything that involved speed , water or heights . He was fearless but always had a broken this or cut that. He was without a doubt the braver than anyone I knew. It did not always end good for him but bones heal and he would just get up and do it again. He loved cars as a kid and loved his Dart Swinger with 8 track. He had a boston tape he played endlessly. And then we all got into motorcycles and Geoff was always going faster than anyone. I have snow skied in the summer with him and water skied when there is still ice on the lake. Geoff love anything that was action. Seasons did not make a difference to him. He was my friend and 45 yrs later he still is. Where ever he is I am sure he is trying to find a hill or a flat lake. Love forever Mark

  13. Carol day

    12 July 2016 6 years ago


    Was a great friend and a fun person to hang out with he always had a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon and a heart a big as can be. When we went to Big Lake camping he took my daughters skiing and gave them the ” Ride of their Life “!!!

    The last few years have been challenging and we have had some great talks and gotten to know each other even more, what I have learned is that Geoff is a man full of honor and with a dedication to his kids stronger than any man I have ever met.

    Geoff has had a great influence in my life because he demonstrated to me his love of life and his passion for challenges, whether it was the sky chair experience as Big Lake or the many shots of tequila he always has a zest for life that will be, in many ways, part of his legacy.

    We love you Geoff and will take your spirit with us for the rest of our lives , may your next journey be full of new experiences and know that you take all of us with you.

    For ever yours Carol Day

  14. Kevin LeBlanc

    12 July 2016 6 years ago

    Geoff was an absolute hero. In every sense of the word. Always there for his friends, and always with a great attitude.
    My condolences to Annie, Emily and Kayla. Also to Geoff’s parents and brothers whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the hospital.
    Cheers to you Geoff, we definitely lost an amazing man. Thanks for the privilege of being your friend.

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