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It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of our beloved Giles Ralph Goulding on April 11, 2016. He is predeceased by father, Giles and will be lovingly remembered by his mom, Eileen, brother, Bob (Chris), sister Linda (Wayne), nieces, nephews and extended family and friends. Following cremation, Giles’ ashes will be returned to his family and home province of Ontario.


God grant us the serenity

to accept the things

we cannot change;

the courage to change

the things we can;

and the wisdom to know

the difference.

Condolence Messages

  1. Stephen Small

    30 June 2021 1 year ago

    I know it is so many years late that I find this link during a simple web search.
    Was thinking of Giles – looking at a picture of him, with myself in our Victoria College – Ryerson House residence about 1978 or 79. I’m saddened to hear so belatedly of his passing. I last saw him playing guitar in Vancouver probably 20 years ago, a big smile , a big heart and so full of passion for music.

  2. Peter Neumann

    14 April 2017 5 years ago

    Hi Heidi, this is Peter Neumann from Toronto, Giles’s old friend and occasional music collaborator from residence days at Vic, U of T. I too lost touch with him over the years, but the memory of him has stayed strong. As you note, he did stay true to his heart and his passion, the guitar. He was indeed willing to starve, literally, for his music. While the guitar became more of a hobby for me, subordinate to another career, I think it remained front and centre for Giles. He was an outsized character in his day, a passionate renegade, superb athlete, an intellectual warrior, always burning the candlestick at both ends. I last saw him in Toronto 20 + years ago at a friend’s place on Lippencott. Still struggling to make ends meet, but living life to the fullest. It is sad to think this light has been snuffed out, but as you say he always believed he wouldn’t have a long life. I wish I could have seen him one more time to say goodbye. RIP.

  3. Kimberly Danielson

    05 June 2016 6 years ago

    To the Goulding family, Eileen, Bob, and Linda,
    I have only just discovered that Gi has passed away and I am really saddened and shocked by that. I have great memories of him and how full of life he was, how much fun he was and what an amazing athlete he was. I have not seen him for many years but I will always cherish the time we had together . I have fond memories of going to the cottage at Scugog as well, the waterskiing , the fishing.Those were wonderful times. My heart goes out to all of you.My deepest sympathy to all of you.

  4. Joellen Housego

    20 May 2016 6 years ago

    Hello, Goulding family.

    Giles was a friend and neighbour of mine in Vancouver. We talked about music a lot, among the many other topics about which he was knowledgeable. I’m a music teacher, and he was a great guitarist. What a strong and intelligent person he was. I found out about his passing only today, and was most shocked and saddened. He always spoke fondly of his family. His fierce, fighting spirit lives on. My deepest sympathy.

    1. heidi

      22 June 2016 6 years ago

      This is the same Giles Goulding who lived downtown Toronto in his 20s? When you mention the guitar above, I believe it is the same Giles I lived with for 5 years in the heart of the city. He was a lover of Flamenco Jazz and practiced for hours every day. He was willing to starve for his music. I would google him once in a while because i figured he never would have put the guitar down and would be performing somewhere I’d run into him. Does anyone know why he stopped playing? Does anyone have a recent photo? He always believed he wouldnt have a long life. How did he meet his demise?
      My condolences to his family whom he loved. He was always true and honest to his heart.

  5. Cathy Goulding

    13 May 2016 6 years ago

    Aunt Eileen : My brother Rob sent this to me today. I’m so very sorry for you and my cousins to have lost your most precious loved one. My deepest sympathy and prayers for the days ahead.

    Just a quick note, our mother Eleanor passes away on April 11th as well. Will be thinking of you always.
    Cathy Goulding

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