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August 1st 1955 – October 11th 2023 

We lost our beautiful Daughter, Sister, Auntie and friend after a long hard 2 year battle with cancer. 

She left peacefully and went into the arms of the Creator wrapped in her Eagle blanket. 

Gina was pre-deceased by her father Jim Galozo. She is lovingly remembered by her beautiful mother Eugenie Galozo, her sisters Audrey (Terry), Elaine (Tony), her brothers Thomas (Linda), James (Karen), Dennis, and Leo (Margot), all her nieces and nephews and their partners and children.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the Doctors, Nurses (angels), Care Aides, kitchen & cleaning staff and all the volunteers at the North Shore Hospice Centre. We cannot express our thanks for your wonderful care of our Sister. 

To Dr Clarkson and his great staff at the Cancer Clinic, thank you for the care you gave Gina. 

And finally to Ngaio, Rebecca and staff at KORU. Your empathy and understanding of Death Care is beyond words. Ngaio, you came into Gina’s home with a sense of peace and quiet spirituality that was immediately felt by the three of us. You not only HEARD what Gina wanted, you LISTENED and fulfilled her wishes. We are grateful that we found you and we thank you. 

Funeral Mass at Holy Trinity Church 27th and Lonsdale Wednesday October 25 @ 11:00 am. 

In lieu of flowers Gina asked for donations to the North Shore Hospice or the Vancouver Cancer Clinic Orthopaedic Cancer Division, 600 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4E6

Things I would want you to know about me…

I like to read, watch movies listen to soft music and being with my family and friends. I love to go visit my mom who is living at Inglewood Care Centre. I always learn something new and interesting about her life and we get a chance to pray together.

I want to be remembered as being a loving sister, daughter, and friend; a compassionate, kind, welcoming and understanding person; a good listener; and a hard worker with good work ethic. At times, I am strong willed and argumentative. But I am a good, caring person who will stand by her family and friends regardless of what is going on in their lives.

I wanted you to know things about me that I might not have shared:

I climbed up Grouse Mountain, (Grouse Grind) many years ago with Geoff Adair. When we got to the top we came back down by the tram. It was challenging, but a lot of fun. Needless to say I was stiff and sore the next day.

When I was in Peru, a little baby girl came to Hogar Belen. I grew to love her very much and
thought of adoption, but it never happened. I still have friends who I worked with in Peru that I
keep in contact with.

When I was In India, I experienced the monsoons and was walking in water barefoot up over my
knees. With the high humidity, heat, and constant rain it was quite an experience.

I sponsor a child through Chalice (Canada) organization named Oscar. Every year he sends me homemade Christmas cards with a beautiful letter inside and a picture of himself (Which I display on my fridge). He is growing and doing very well. I will continue to sponsor him in future.

I nursed in Princeton, BC, Lions Gate Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, New Westminster, Para Med Health Services, and The Sisters of the Child Jesus. I spent one year in India as volunteer and five years in Peru as a volunteer.

I travelled to England and met up with my sister Audrey and friend Sally and we went to a lot of different places in England, Scotland, and Wales on a Brit Rail Pass. My two sisters and I took my mom on cruises to Alaska and we had lots of fun.


I sang in the choir at Holy Trinity for many years and really enjoyed it. Sometimes I would have to sing solos, which was a bit scary at first but I got over it once I started singing.

I was President of the CWL (Catholic Women’s League) at Holy Trinity for two years and found it challenging but also uplifting. I also was involved in others ways, being in charge of membership, and in charge with other members to set up for our annual weekend retreat, which for many years now is held up at the Abbey in Mission BC. 

My sister Audrey and I took a reflexology night course at Carson Graham school. At times I would practice on myself and other people.

I took a course at Highlands United Church, Healing Touch, with my wonderful friend Cecil VanNess. I would go to the United Church on Monday nights working with other members of the team to do healing touch with people that showed up needing our help. I also would go to Cecile’s house and do healing touch on people that needed us. It was a wonderful experience for me to share my knowledge and time with such beautiful and willing people.

In 2014, my two sisters, Audrey and Elaine, and I traveled to Italy and took a Mediterranean Cruise and visited parts of Italy, France and Spain. When we were in Italy we visited Rome and had a tour of Vatican City. We then went on a bus tour of southern Italy, the region of Calabria and went to many destinations and felt the real Italian Experience. One of the highlights of our trip was when we were driven to the village of Grotteria in Calabria where we were told our Daddy’s parents were from and I felt a real connection with my Italian heritage. It was really a Magnifico and memorable trip, which my sisters and I still talk about to this day.

In 2021, after the surgery of having my right leg amputated, and the first time I got up in a wheelchair I asked my physiotherapist, Fabio if I could have a first dance with him. I told him of the time I had seen a very elegant lady in a wheelchair in a nursing home, dance in her wheelchair with one of the recreational staff members. He held her hands and spun her around on the floor in her chair like they were floating on ice; it was a beautiful sight to see! So, Fabio was kind enough to give me a first dance and also a final dance, (Just before I left the hospital), spinning me around in my wheelchair and I felt so liberated and free, truly awesome! So thank you Fabio for the memory of my first and final dance with you!

I attended my 45th Nursing school reunion in -September 2022, in Prince George. Carol & I drove up, met Angela in Kamloops the next day and we had a great wonderful weekend, with lots of laughs and great memories. I love my Nursing classmates. Go St.Joes, Go.


My work history after I graduated from Delbrook Senior Secondary School in 1973:

-Altamont Private Hospital in West Vancouver, from June 1973 until Sept. 1973, I worked as a nurses aide on the evening shift.
-Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver from Sept. 1973 until Aug. 1974, I worked as a dietary aide, the early morning shift in the extended care unit, helping to prepare and serve breakfast.
-St. Joseph’s School of Nursing, Victoria General Hospital, Victoria, from Sept. 1974 until Aug. 1977, I worked as a student nurse in the hospital to become an RN, which I achieved.
-Princeton General Hospital, Princeton, BC. from Nov. 1977 until July 1978, my first job as an RN.  Corinne, one of my nursing friends worked there also.  We had fun working together.
-Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, from Aug. 1978 until Feb. 1980, I worked as an RN on 7 East, Nero-surgery floor.
-North Shore Private Hospital, North Vancouver, from May1980 until Aug. 1980, I worked as an RN on the evening shift.  (it is now the Lynn Valley Care Centre)
-St. Mary’s Hospital, New Westminster, from Sept. 1980 until Feb. 1981.  I worked as an RN on a surgical floor.
-Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, from Nov. 1982 until Sept. 1983.  I worked in nursing on 4 East, medical floor.
-Hudson’s Bay Company, Park Royal, West Vancouver, I worked in retail Nov. 1984 until Jan. 1985.
-Para-Med Health Services, North Vancouver, from March 1992 until Sept. 1999.  I worked as a home support worker, scheduler, and supervisor.
-Sisters of the Child Jesus, North Vancouver and Coquitlam, from Sept. 1999 until Nov. 2020, I worked as an LPN and as a Health Care Co-ordinator.

In April, 1981, until March 1982, I went as a lay volunteer to Lucknow in India, after receiving an invitation from Dr. Father Norbert Bucci, OFM, Cap. who was the Superintendent of Shantinagar (meaning “City of Peace”) Hospital in Gonda District, Uttar Pradesh, India. I helped with the polio children, who came for acupuncture treatment and following the treatment I would spend time with them massaging and moving their affected limbs.  I also found time to go to the villages to help with immunizations, the Leprosy centre and the out patient department, where patients would come for medical treatment and medicines.  It was a great experience and learning time in my life.  While in India, I experienced the monsoons and was walking in water barefoot, (because you could loose your sandals) up over my knees.  With the high humidity, extreme heat and constant rain it was quite a wet experience.

In March, 1985, until April, 1990, I went to Moquegua, Peru, as a lay volunteer. During my stay there my mom and a friend from Holly Trinity parish, Valerie Remedios came to visit me. We had a great time together and it was great to see my mom and Valerie.  When mom left to go back home I went with her and stayed only a short time then I went back to Peru and stayed until April 1990.  I worked with a group of Religious Sisters, (based out of Canada) in a home called Hogar Belen, for orphaned and abandoned children.  At times there were over 100 people all living together, most of them being children and adolescents.  I met a nurse there and we would go to the villages on horseback or on the back of a donkey and immunize the children and some adults.  It was during one of these outings that I came in contact with Hepatitis A.  I turned a beautiful shade of yellow and was treated with lemon drop candies, drinking IV fluids and a low/no fat diet.  When I was at the Hogar, a little baby girl came to stay.  I grew to love her very much and thought of adopting her but it never happened.  She was adopted by a couple from France.  I loved my time in Peru and I still have friends here in Canada that I keep in contact with.

I sponsored a child through Chalice (Canada) organization named Oscar.  Every year he would send me a homemade Christmas card with a beautiful letter and a picture of himself inside.  He is growing and doing very well.  I recently received a letter from the sponsor site in Peru letting me know that my sponsorship of Oscar was no longer needed as his mother has her business due to a sponsorship program through Chalice that encourages mothers and/or fathers to start their own businesses to support their families.  What a happy ending for Oscar and his family.

When I was working at Altamont Private Hospital in1973, I would take the bus to work.  The hospital was situated at 27th Street and Marine Drive, along bus ride.  I got off work at 11:00pm and would go down to Marine Drive to catch the bus home.  I got off at Tatlow and Marine Drive, North Vancouver and go to Elaine and Tony’s and they would drive me home.  One night the horn got stuck, so we had a noisy ride home. Thanks Tony and Elaine.

When I was in Nursing school I made a lot of great, wonderful and beautiful friends who I still see and keep in contact with on a regular basis with phone calls and visiting.  Every five years we have a nursing reunion and it is great to see your classmates that attend them.  In Sept. 2022 we had our reunion in Prince George and Carol, Angela and I drove up with a stop in Kamloops.  It was a fabulous reunion which all of us enjoyed thoroughly.  Thanks for driving Carol.

When I was working at Para Med Health Services, I knew the nurse in charge, as she graduated from St. Joseph’s school of nursing 2 years before me.  I had just returned from Peru and needed a job.  She hired me to work as a home support worker in the community.  I travelled from home to home by bus as I had no car and found it hard to get around, so I accepted jobs doing live ins which was a lot better.  Then I got hired to work in the office as a scheduler for the North Vancouver team, what a stressful job!  In Feb. 1992, while still working for Para Med I took the Licensed Practical Nurse Refresher Program at Vancouver Community College, City Centre and graduated with a Program GPA = 4.00. Not too bad EH?  I then got hired to work as a supervisor for the field staff and clients.  What a job, going here there and everywhere, but I survived.  I also got called for jury duty during this time and I got accepted.  It was supposed to be a long court case but it got stayed.  During this time some of the guys took me to a “Bar”? an I found out it was a gay bar.  That was an experience and at least I didn’t get bothered.

In 2004, I took the Hospice/Palliative care Practitioner Program at Langara College, Vancouver campus.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot about death and dying, end of life care and about the grieving process.

I went to St. Michael’s Palliative care centre in Burnaby for my practicum experience, I learned a lot.  We were asked to do a project on how, when in different faith beliefs, when a loved one passes away, and how the funeral rites differ.

A friend and I taking the course did our project on the Bahai faith when someone passes away.  It was very interesting and all the presentations from other students were well received.


While I was working at Para Med, Kathy (one of the nurses that I worked with) and I went to see the Righteous Brothers at the Queen Elizabeth theatre.  Kathy found out that she knew one of the band members that she had not seen for a long time. She got a message to him and we got invited back stage to meet the whole band and then were invited to have drinks with them at their hotel in the lounge.  I got an autograph signed Righteously Yours ….  Was a fun night which I enjoyed.

When I was in England with Audrey and Sally(after I graduated from nursing) we went to a pub and were drinking PINK beer. I can’t remember the occasion.  We met Peter and his friend and they drove us to where we were staying.  Well when we got there I had to jump out of the car real quick and rush to relieve myself in the bushes.  Then during the night I had to visit Ralph on the big white phone.  Never knew what it was like to have a hangover.  I certainly learned my lesson.

During the summer Carol (from nursing) and I would drive up to Penticton for a break.  We loved going to the farmers market to pick up fresh fruit and veggies.  I would pick up a lot of different types of garlic and bring them home to share with my family.  Carol and I really enjoyed these trips together.  Lots of good memories.

When I started school in grade one, Audrey and I made friends with Michelle Gagne.  We were always at her house or she at ours.  We had lots of good times together and remained steadfast friends over the years, though our lives went in many directions.  Michelle is still a very close and personal friend today.  She has helped me out in so many ways I can’t begin to tell. I love her dearly as a sister and I am very thankful she is part of my life.  I wish to say a BIG thank you to you Michelle. Thank you.

From 1974 – 1977, while in nursing school I met some really wonderful fellow nursing students who I made friends with and hung out together with.  We developed a real connection and bond with each other as we studied together, went out together, sang in the choir together, helped each other out when we were feeling homesick at the beginning, working on nursing care plans together, making bridesmaid dresses for Donna’s wedding, attending their weddings and just been part of each others lives.  Nursing school was a time full of wonderful and beautiful memories that I still treasure to this day.  What I always look forward to is our five year reunions.  They are so much fun and you get to catch up with everyone and spend some special moments together with lots of joy and laughter.  I would like to acknowledge and say a BIG thank you to my friends who have helped me tremendously over the years especially now, with phone calls, letters, cards, visiting and emails, prayers and good wishes.  Carol Rawluk, Jane Sullivan (Harris), Angela Trenholm (Proulx), Elizabeth Long (Semple) Donna Rolston (Bandurka), Celeste Schulz (Hogman), Corinne Johnson (Coyston), deceased, but still remember very fondly, and many more of you who I hold close to my heart and love very deeply, Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. WE ARE ST. JOSEPH’S GIRLS….HURRAH!

While attending Holy Trinity Parish I joined the CWL (Catholic Woman’s league) and owe all you wonderful, special, and hard working woman a BIG thank you,  It is your generosity, (through the Meal Train), prayers, visits, phone calls and bringing me Holy Communion that keep me going.  I will continue to pray for all of you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
While working at Para med, I met Karen Gillis, who has been my best friend for over 30 years.  We have had shared many fun and challenging times together.  She is a very special friend and is like my sister.  I love you Karen and I say Big Thank You for being my friend.

I would also like to say a BIG Thank You to the Sister’s of the Child Jesus, who I worked with for 21 years. Thank you for your prayers and visits.  I miss you all and look back with much joy and happiness with the years I worked for you.  I learned a lot about religious life and living life as a community.  My love and prayers for all of you. So, Thank You, Thank You Thank You.One day, a few months ago while visiting Mommy, she asked me to stand twice, and when she found out that I couldn’t, as Audrey explained, “Mommy has two legs, Gina only has one.” As the realization dawned, she said “OH, what happened?” I said, “I had my leg amputated due to cancer” When Mommy heard that, she replied “Oh, I thought you were done with that.” I answered “No.” At that point Mommy rolled closer to me and laid both her hands on my knee and prayed, asking for healing, freedom from pain, and that the spirit of God would touch my whole leg. I began to cry and felt the presence of my Mommy and God, which gave me great comfort. 

Thank you Dr. Paul Sugar, (palliative) and my GP, Dr Carmela Solimine, for your dedication and for taking the time to visit me and for taking such good care of me.  I love you Dr. Solimine and Dr. Sugar, for who you are, dedicated, loving and caring Doctors.  Thank You.

Please continue to share my and your life stories together with each other.  Continue to make many happy memories filled with laughter and joy with each other.  Thank you for letting me share my life story with you,



  • jen Pattenaude
    Posted October 25, 2023 at 7:18 pm

    I’m so so sad to read of Gina’s passing. She was my supervisor years ago at Paramed when I was a student nurse. She was so caring and supportive towards everyone. I would see her over the years in North Vancouver and she always remembered me with her kind and generous spirit.She was a wonderful role model as a nurse for me. My deepest condolences and sympathies to her family. What a terrific lady-

  • Laurel Thomas (nee Lade)
    Posted December 17, 2023 at 3:02 am

    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of dear Gina. I knew her from high school and always enjoyed her bubbly spirit and big smile. She was such a genuine and caring lady and it shows in the way she lived her very full life in serving others. Heartfelt condolences to Audrey and her family and friends. An angel we were privileged to know.❤️ Love, Laurel

  • Alison Bentall
    Posted December 18, 2023 at 5:17 pm

    I am sorry to hear of Gina’s passing. What a wonderful and caring person she was, living her life in service of others. You must feel her loss deeply as a family. May God bring you comfort in the knowledge that Gina is now at peace with a whole, healed body. I was at high school with Gina and after reading about her life I wish I knew her better. Peace and love, Aliosn

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