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August 14, 1963- October 30, 2018

Glenn was a Renaissance man. He knew how to build things. He loved looking at the structures and phenomena of the world –from Stonehenge to the Sagrada Familia to the aurora borealis or a new car engine design– and figuring out how they worked. He was great in the kitchen, loved camping, could play guitar and sing. He rarely got lost even if he was travelling in a foreign country. He was a French Wine Scholar and WSET diploma student who loved his job as a Product Consultant at the BCLDB. You could give him a glass of wine and, more often than not, he could nail the country, grape varietals, region and year. Once he identified five Scotches down to their distilleries and ages in a blind tasting.

Glenn had a strong sense of justice. He saw a man snatch a woman’s purse once and said ‘Not on my watch’ and chased after him and held him until the police came. He valued competency in himself and others and took great pride in all of his projects and work.

Glenn was a loving and supportive husband (who made his wife laugh almost every day). He was an amazing human to four dogs (beginning with Fiddler) and seven foster dogs. When he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer he took a stand-up comedy class. During the year and eight and a half months he wrangled with brain cancer he was extraordinarily brave, wise, funny, and full of gratitude – for his friends, family, healthcare providers (especially at the BCCA and at North Shore Hospice) and for the country he lived in. His philosophy before and during his illness was Drink the good wine now. 

Glenn is survived by his wife Aislinn, his mother Deanna, sister Laurie, brother Rob, three dogs – Cooper, Juniper and Clara – his in-laws Pat, Michele and Lee, and his brilliant friends who have surrounded him with epic amounts of love and kindness.

In lieu of flowers or gifts Glenn requested that people please donate to the SPCA or generate random acts of kindness toward animals.

Condolence Messages

  1. Leilah Nadir

    31 January 2019 4 years ago

    Dear Aislinn,
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss which I just found out about today. I felt very sad at the news. I spoke to Glenn on many occasions and found him a warm, gregarious and funny soul. Please accept my sympathies and my thoughts are with you tonight.


  2. Christine Wilde

    23 November 2018 4 years ago

    On behalf of the staff and volunteers of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, I extend our deepest condolences for your loss. Please know that Glenn’s life will be celebrated and his memory will live on through your generous gift of a mobile library for Afghan women and girls: The Glenn Hunter Memorial Mobile Library. Thank you.

  3. Shelli Mitchell

    14 November 2018 4 years ago

    I first met Glenn many years ago when he used to manage the private liquor store in the North shore. I was a new liquor rep and still learning. Man did he make sure he taught me about all he knew, especially scotch. He also made sure he teased and quizzed me every time I came in to see him because he definitely knew more than I did!
    He was one of the most memorable people I’ve met in the industry and holds a special place in my heart.
    My condolences to his family and friends.

  4. James Tyler Irvine

    12 November 2018 4 years ago

    i have had the great pleasure of conversing with Glenn at various Vancouver Writers Fest events and other literary events around Vancouver. We always shared some stories, some dreams and many laughs whenever we saw each other. These terrific times I was able to share with Glenn will be missed.

  5. Wayne Thornton

    11 November 2018 4 years ago

    Oh my, words are not enough, it breaks my heart to lose family and friends at any time, but being so young makes it especially challenging to handle the aches in your heart, hold the best memories close to your heart, to helps to get through, remember the joys and best of times … condolences to Aislinn, Dee, family and friends, there will always be a place to rest and a glass of hot chocolate here should you ever be by this way… Wayne…

  6. Herrick & Marg Hansen

    11 November 2018 4 years ago

    We were so very sorry to hear of Glenn’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.

  7. Fiona T Lam

    10 November 2018 4 years ago

    What an amazing man who led a wonderful life full of love and laughter. Condolences to the many people (and pets) who loved him and who will miss him terribly.

  8. Alice and Bruce in Victoria

    10 November 2018 4 years ago

    Glenn Hunter was a ‘know it all’. We mean that as high praise. It was certainly handy having a neighbour with a seemingly limitless depth and breadth of knowledge when you needed help fixing something/anything/everything. Glenn Hunter knew a lot of things, but he especially knew how to be a great friend with a warm and generous spirit. We loved him and we will miss him forever.

  9. Claire Snyman

    08 November 2018 4 years ago

    Dearest Aislinn, I only met you and Glenn briefly after Glenn was diagnosed and found out of his passing yesterday at group. My heart broke. I remember the last time I saw him so well. He was his usual self – a sense of humor and smile, no matter the circumstance. On my drive home yesterday, the sunset was spectacular – breath taking in fact. I knew that sunset was for Glenn. And now that sunset is for you as well my dear, sending you my love and strength.

  10. Charmaine Draper

    08 November 2018 4 years ago

    I was in the French Wine Scholar program with Glenn and worked with him at the BCLDB. We shared a passion for wine and crossed paths often at wine tastings and industry events. Always cheerful and funny with lots to say, I enjoyed our chats. He was a great guy and I am saddened by news of his passing. My best to his family and friends, he will be missed…

  11. Barbara and Jack Muntz

    08 November 2018 4 years ago

    Jack and I are so very sorry for your great loss. Although Deanna is my first cousin, I didn’t really know Glenn. I wish I had. He sounds like a wonderful man. Our thought and prayers are with you Aislinn, Deanna and all of your family.

  12. Elaine Stevenson

    07 November 2018 4 years ago

    I was very sorry to hear of Glenn’s passing. As a little boy his curiosity in everything amazed me so many times. As a close friend of the family I spent a lot of time with Glenn – who was Darren back then. I know Aislynn that he is no longer in any pain and that he will be with you every day – little things you will notice as time goes on. My thoughts and prayers are sent to you – even tho i haven’t met you! Obviously you and he were very much in love which I am certain made this journey you both went through – I will say “tolerable” but never easy!!! You had each other to fall back on which is what love is all about. God be with you during this difficult time of grieving; I think you know you have a lot of friends and family who are grieving with you. Hugs also sent from myself and my family.

  13. Angela Eszter Wells

    07 November 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Aislinn,
    Thank you for somehow continuing to instruct us at KPU over the past year, which I’m sure must have been difficult and challenging at times. I offer my heartfelt condolences to you for your heart breaking loss. He must have been a wonderful person, I can tell from reading through the comments. He was too young to leave. My heartfelt prayers are with you dear.

  14. Bev Atkinson Haydon

    06 November 2018 4 years ago

    I remember Glen way back from public school. Back then he went by Darren. I remember him to be kind, soft spoken, and oh so funny. He never went with the crowd from what I remember. He did his own thing. I’m sorry to say there has been very little communication in the many years since school, I just happened to see him on one of my former classmates pages…and friended him. I looked over his page and read about his travels and his love for life, and in his pictures, I can still see the boy I remember. To his wife, Aislinn, his family, and friends, my sincerest condolences. I will remember my friend, by making a donation to “Sato Saved Rescue Center” It is a local rescue of dogs. They do good work, and have worked miracles in re-homing dogs while attending to medical needs of abandoned and sick dogs.

  15. Ken Durocher

    06 November 2018 4 years ago

    Very sorry to hear on your loss.I was a friend of Glen in high school. Heard from time to time on how he was doing. I am proud on what he accomplished but somehow I fear his legacy was cut short. I do believe he had more to give this world. I wish you sincere condolences to your family including the dogs. The loyalty they showed him was nothing less than what he deserved. R.I.P. my old friend

  16. Julie Pitt

    06 November 2018 4 years ago

    Oh Aislinn, I am just so sorry to hear about Glenn’s passing. I so wanted to believe that when he told me his cancer was back in may, that if I just ignored It, it would go away. I am just so crushed. I just adored him. And you. And everything he brought to the world. Hugs to you.

  17. Ken Johnston

    06 November 2018 4 years ago

    Holy Crap! Aislinn, I am so very sorry to hear that. It’s been so many years since we’ve seen each other but believe me when I say I have many fond memories of you and Glenn and Fiddler from so long ago when you and Glenn lived with Rebecca. My heart goes out to you.

  18. Wiebke von Carolsfeld

    06 November 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Aislinn, my heart goes out to you. I met Glenn when you guys came to visit the set of STAY. He struck me as a kind and loving soul, and a wonderful spouse to you. What a loss. My heartfelt condolences to you and the rest of his family and friends. May you find the love and support that you will undoubtedly need to see you through these difficult days.

  19. Sheena

    06 November 2018 4 years ago

    I am so very sorry to hear this 🙁 I’ve lost touch with you guys and had no idea he was sick. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  20. Karen Smythe

    05 November 2018 4 years ago

    My deepest sympathy, Aislinn—what an extraordinary man, marriage, and love you shared.

  21. Maria

    05 November 2018 4 years ago

    I know you through Deanna
    I send all my love to you Aislynn what a greatly written piece
    What beautiful souls you are 🙂

  22. Iona whishaw

    05 November 2018 4 years ago

    Terry and I are so sorry to hear of Glenn’s passing, Aislinn. I remember our dinners together and his humor and twinkle-eyed intelligence and delight and interest in all things and we have never ceased to follow his wine advice. The loss to you must be incalculable for he was a wonderful man to love and you loved him with your whole heart.

  23. Frances Mc Goldrick

    05 November 2018 4 years ago

    Sincere condolences from Pat and me.May Glenn rest in peace now

  24. Frances Mc Goldrick

    05 November 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Aillinn,
    It was with deep sadness that Pat and I firstly found out that Glenn was seriously ill and now to hear that he has passed away.
    I remember your visit to us in Dublin , as Angela has mentioned.
    May he rest in peace.
    Love and sincere condolences to you and your families.
    Pat and Frances.(Ireland)

  25. Heather Simeney MacLeod

    04 November 2018 4 years ago

    My condolences to Glenn Hunter’s family and friends and especially his wife and dogs. I recall how Glenn enjoyed teasing me about my own preference towards cats over dogs. He would tell me, “Anyone who isn’t a dog person can’t embrace unconditional love.” Glenn was like a fine bottle of wine–filled with layers of humour, knowledge, talent (he played the guitar and sang, honestly, just beautifully), and he was–during the years I knew him–always surprising. He once built Aislinn a four-poster bed while she attended her morning and afternoon classes at UVic. I am, again, so sorry for the tangible loss and shall cuddle dogs in remembrance.

  26. Kevin Chong

    04 November 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Aislinn,

    I am so very sorry. I will always remember the love in his eyes for you. I can’t think of a better writer’s spouse. I remember being at the table when you won the Ethel Wilson Prize and the joy he had for you.

    Wishing you love during this difficult time.


  27. Michele Parkin

    03 November 2018 4 years ago

    Glenn always gave me grief when I said he was my favourite brother-in-law. He would say “I am your only brother-in-law.” While true, it did not diminish my compliment . He was a great brotjer-in-law in that he never complained when his in-laws descended for elongated visits, when we drank his wine or gave him bad Christmas gifts. Well, maybe he did, but we didn’t know it. Mostly I favoured him for the wonderful husband he was to my sister, for which I will always be grateful. You will be missed Glenn. I raise my wine glass to you.

  28. Vicki McLeod

    03 November 2018 4 years ago

    Dearest Aislinn;
    I am a recent student of yours and just want offer my loving conolences to you and the family at this time.

  29. Billeh Nickerson

    03 November 2018 4 years ago

    Years ago I misunderstood him telling me that his name had two ns for him saying two Glens, so I started to call him Glenn Glenn. I already miss his dry sense of humour and abundant patience. How can one spend that much time with writers and poets and not be patient? Also, I can’t count the amount of times he saved readings with his tech savvy. Whether from fixing microphones and speakers or, simply, just being there, he always found a way to amplify our voices. My heart goes out to Aislinn and his family for their great loss.

  30. Laurie and Brett Skinner

    03 November 2018 4 years ago

    Glenn was very kind, generous and had a fantastic smile! He will be missed. Our thoughts are with you Aislinn.

  31. Tim Hayes

    03 November 2018 4 years ago

    My wife Lauralee and I wish to express our sympathy and condolences to Aislinn, my cousin Deanna, and all the family. You are in our thoughts and prayers with love!

  32. Ann McDonell

    03 November 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Aislinn,
    I’m so sorry for your loss and so happy you had that wonderful man in your life. He was lucky to have you. He’ll be remembered by all who knew him and I will drink the good wine today.

  33. Veda Hille

    03 November 2018 4 years ago

    Thinking of Glenn and his beautiful family today, with much love.

  34. Laurie

    03 November 2018 4 years ago

    Glenn and the fight of a lifetime you had been challenged with. Through it all Your strength, Your humour, Your love of good wine and food made every moment I had with you the best. I will miss you dearly and the jokes we shared no one else got. Our shopping trips. Your beautiful smile when you found something a lot funnier than I did , usually at my expense. I love you my brother and will miss you more. Thank you Aislinn for the love you shared with G. My heart is with you love and hugs

  35. Carol Syred

    02 November 2018 4 years ago

    Remembering, with love -~ dinner in Paris – good food – great conversation and a warm hug from Glenn, as you both said good night. A Renaissance Man, indeed! In my thoughts, dear Aislinn ~ Carol

  36. Kerry Phillips

    02 November 2018 4 years ago

    Proud to have know you Glenn. I’m drinking the good wine now while hugging as many random dogs as I can!!
    Thank you!!

  37. Kerry Ohana

    02 November 2018 4 years ago

    Glenn will be deeply missed. He was a man of great character with a solid sense of self. He was generous, kind, funny and loved my best friend, Aislinn, truly.
    Thank you for everything, G ❤️

  38. Angela Rapley

    02 November 2018 4 years ago

    I first met Glenn in 1993 when Aislinn brought him to visit me in my tiny (4 flights up with no lift) dilapidated flat in Capel St in Dublin. Not the most salubrious part of their honeymoon, I’d wager, but a fabulous time was had nonetheless. She was the first of my friends to get married, and she was relatively young, but the moment I met him I knew she had made the right choice! As had he. Another trip to Ireland a few years later saw him come to my house (a different house) and offer to do loads of odd-jobs for me (Aislinn’s right when she says he loved to build and fix things!) I bought them the CD of The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony as they both loved it. I have always been reminded of him over the years as I heard that song played everywhere, and now it will be forever linked with a beautiful soul who could always teach you something about something you didn’t know about, but once he told you about it you were glad you knew! RIP Glenn – a true superhero.

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