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Grace Clapperton, died on Tuesday, April 14th , 2023 at the age of 106 at the Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops.

The Cober family, Pretty Valley

She was born at home in Pretty Valley ( Swan River area ) Manitoba. Grace was the 7th of 15 children born to Charles and Emma Cober. She attended school in the one room Pretty Valley school. She valued education but had to go to work at 16 before completing high school. She was an avid reader into her late 90’s. Grace worked for many of the farm families in the area then in 1939 she came west to B.C.with 3 of her brothers. She worked as a nanny for a family in the mining town of Wells near Barkerville before moving to Monte Lake.

The young lady

While working in the kitchen at the Pondosa Pine Lumber Co. she met Wallace ( Happy ) Clapperton. They were married on September 20th 1941 and had 3 daughters, Lorraine, Evelyn, Ruth and a son David. They finally settled on an acreage, on the old Barnhartvale road at Duck Meadows, and built their own home. Mom was a had working woman and helped Dad in his logging business while raising 4 children, cooking for the hired men and looking after the house, garden and chickens. She was also an accomplished seamstress and knitter, making most of the family’s clothing. She liked good clothes and would always dress up to go to town or to visit and made sure we did too! Every family member was given a knitted afghan and some received a wedding quilt.

Grace, Wallace and their four kids (Ruth, David, Evelyn, Lorraine)

Mom had taught herself to play the piano as a child and could play old favourites and new songs by ear. Both Mom and Dad loved dancing and later joined the local square dance club. They also spent many nights playing cards with friends and family.

Grace and her four kids

Family was very important to mom and she made many visits to see the grandchildren, five girls and the 6 great grandchildren. She also attended many family reunions for the Cober and Clapperton families. She had an amazing memory for names and knew the names of all the family members on both sides.

Grace travelled to all the provinces and the Yukon and was also able to travel with family to Britain and New Zealand. Grace liked to entertain friends and family and cooked up many delicious meals and desserts, especially pies!

After Dad died in 1983 Mom continued to live in Kamloops and formed new friendships. There were lots of daily walks and outings with her friends. Her motto was “ You have to keep moving” Even at 106 she would get out for her daily walks if weather permitted and loved to go over to MacDonald’s for coffee, across the parking lot from Chartwell Independent living ,where she lived for the last 6 years.

Laughing it up with granddaughter Shar, at the Davis family reunion in Golden

Mom had many sayings and loved a good laugh. An amazing woman, generous and loving. She was a promoter of women’s rights and education and encouraged her daughters and granddaughters to get a good education. She was proud of her family and their many accomplishments.

We love you, rest in peace.

Looking fine on her 100th birthday
Grace with her family at the 2005 Cober reunion
Grace with her siblings at the 1988 Cober reunion (seated, far right in pink)
Grace with Ruth’s family in Duncan


  • Tere Davis
    Posted May 21, 2023 at 12:45 am

    What I often think of when it came to Great-Grandma was how she was simply ageless. I knew her since I was a little kid and in those 20+ years, I honestly don’t think she outwardly aged at all. It was only in the last few years she even started using a walker and that was a surprise to me because she had always been incredibly spry. From a young age, I had thought she would simply be a constant presence in my whole life.

    A memory I’ve held onto for many years of her was when my family and I were in Edmonton for a family reunion, we stayed with Aunty Sharleen. All I recall for certain with who was in the house one day was myself, my sister Morganne and Great Grandma. Us siblings were just hanging around as we tend to, but we heard wonderful piano music from the living room.

    I cannot recall what year this was, but Great Grandma was over 100 at this point. And it stunned both of us how deft her hands were on the keys.

    I suppose all of us will have a different moment that we will always remember about her. For me, it will be that quiet afternoon when Great Grandma played a song simply because she felt like it.

    I’ll miss her a lot.

  • Ruth Davis
    Posted May 21, 2023 at 9:32 pm

    Thank you for sharing the site Ngaio. A wonderful way to honour Grace/Mom/Grandma/Great Grandma.

  • Morganne George
    Posted May 24, 2023 at 6:02 am

    To be honest, I don’t know what to say, and as I write this, I find it hard to come up with the words.

    A part of me never really thought this day would come. I mean, it’s a bit of a juvenile mindset, I know, but having grown up with great gramma all my life, it was hard to even consider the idea.

    When I first heard the news, I was in shock, and I didn’t know what to feel. I was upset of course, because who wouldn’t be in that situation, but as I’ve had some time to think about it I do feel a weird sort of peace. Not at the fact that she’s gone, but I think more in the sense that she’s passed on to see her family and of course, granpa Happy.

    I’m not certain I ever met granpa Happy, and if I did was probably too young to remember. But based on the stories I hear I think they’ve missed each other terribly, so at the very least, I can find comfort at the thought of them reuniting once again.

    Great Gramma lived a long and wonderful life, full of adventure and love from the family she created and the warm memories that come with.

    It’s no doubt that she will be missed dearly by us all, but I’m grateful for the time we had together, and I know that this is not the end, but just the next big adventure for our beloved Grace Clapperton.

    And so, -in typical Morganne style- I say go forth, dear Matron of the Clapperton-Davis-Edward-George Line! Meet that adventure head on with the strength and charm we know so well, and when we meet again, let us gather at the family table and share our stories over some of your amazing cooking!

    Your memory will be cherished within our hearts, and I know that you’ll stride into your next adventure as you’ve always done, with great style!

    To my family in Canada, it breaks my heart that us George’s down here couldn’t be with you during this time, but our spirit stands strong by your side and our love is with you. I’m grateful that Connor and Tere can be there, though I will add that they better be giving everyone the best hugs right about now otherwise they’re gonna get scolded SO bad when I next hear from them!

    To all my family, I love you VERY much, and I miss you all greatly.

    To Great Gramma, I’ll miss you so much, but I know we’ll meet again.

    With all of my heart,


  • Alina George
    Posted May 24, 2023 at 7:20 am

    Greetings from sunny Rarotonga! Despite the somber occasion, it was a beautiful day when we received the news. I like to imagine it was Mother Nature taking advice from Great-Gramma herself, to keep moving. When I look back on my strongest memories of the great Grace Clapperton, she was not the type to ‘take up space’; rather, she would very well make her space brighter and memorable.

    The Great-Gramma we got to know had already reached her golden years in Kamloops, and if we gloss over my toddler years when I was being difficult (‘no, Great-Gramma!’), those visits were some of my fondest childhood memories. It’s no secret that she was an excellent hostess, there was always good food and company! But I’m also grateful that she was a steadfast presence as we were growing up: the downstairs neighbour who couldn’t stand noisy little Georges and would bang on her ceiling with a broom; painting flowers on the glass wall of her balcony, and we could always spot it from the street; taking pointers when I first started to bake (more elbow grease); putting on a variety show for her 90th birthday (where we gloss over the fashion sequence when I was being difficult); and even in adulthood, when this clueless goof was no match against her sharp mind in a game of cards. Even in present day, I often think about her as I deal with my patients, wishing everyone had at least some of her strength and energy (did you know that she’d never broken a bone? Also we never got to use the handicapped parking because she was such an active walker!).

    If there was a point to that trip down memory lane, it’s that Great Gramma taught me a thing or two about making your presence known. It’s as simple as being your authentic self, and taking good care of yourself. If you can get the hang of that, it’s incredible how far you can go, how many people you can meet, and how many cherished memories you can make along the way.

    Rest in peace, Grace Clapperton, and I hope you and Great-Grampa are enjoying a game of cards with Mum, by the big corral where all good horses go.

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