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Bob Gerath, beloved husband, father, and papa to Logan chose the beautiful supermoon morning of the spring equinox, March 21, 2019 to pass away peacefully with his family by his side.  He was a Professional Geoscientist, and Fellow with Geoscientists Canada and Engineers Canada. In 2003, Bob received the Chris Westerman Award for excellence in Geoscience. He was introduced to the west when he worked for the Alberta Hail Suppression Project in Red Deer as a radar controller in the summers of 1975 and 1976.  Thurber Engineering hired Bob in 1976 as an Engineering Geoscientist, first in the Victoria office and then in Vancouver and the decision to remain in Canada was made. The projects were varied and interesting and colleagues quickly became friends. Bob completed his career with his own private consulting business (Qcd Geotechnics) before retiring in 2014 at the age of 70.  He was very active with APEGBC throughout his working life, assisting in the implementation of the Practice Review Committee and he then continued with the committee for many years. His work with landslide hazards and risk assessment was well respected by many. He was an educator, a scientific writer, and a passionate supporter of his profession. Above all, Bob was ever a gentleman to all who met him and was especially a favorite to those starting their careers.   His sense of humor combined with his practical knowledge made him a favorite colleague.

Bob was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1944 and grew up in Collinsville.  While his undergraduate degree was in Geography with a minor in Geology, he went on to get an MSc in Glacial Geomorphology from McGill in 1978.   Bob met his wife Tese / Terri on the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire in 1968 where he worked as a Weather observer and she as summer employee of the Mt. Washington Cog Railway.  They married in 1970, emigrated to Canada in 1973 and have two wonderful children: Guy (Heidi and son Logan) and Tanya (Shawn). He is also survived by two brothers in Massachusetts, Chris (Ruth) and Mark (Sheila) one maternal aunt, Miggie (Jon) in CT, and nieces, nephews and cousins both in the US and Canada.

Some of Bob’s passions included trips to Death Valley where trees do not hide the rocks,  travelling to geologically interesting areas in the US and Canada, swimming in the warm ocean of Hawaii, sharing meals with friends and colleagues, playing practical jokes, hiking mountains and trails (he completed the 64 mountains in New England over 4000 feet, making him a member of the AMC 4000 footers club),  reading good books on a variety of subjects, and, above all, watching cartoons with his grandson, sometimes late at night and often without permission of the parents. Mischief was always in Bob’s mind and he often engaged others in the antics. He found humor in many aspects of life and this endeared him to many.  He was a giant of a man to all and he is already missed by many from coast to coast. 



with lunch will be held on Saturday, May 4th at the Holiday Inn in North Vancouver, 11 AM to 3 PM

RSVP to [email protected]  by Wednesday, April 24, 2019.  

Casual dress only.  Come with memories and happy, funny stories.


In lieu of flowers, please consider contributing funds in Bob’s name to one of his interests:

  • APEBBC Foundation scholarship fund:  email [email protected]  or phone 604-412-4860
  • Canton Historical Society,  11 Front St.  Collinsville, CT USA  06019
  • Mount Washington Observatory:  www.mountwashington.org   or mail to MWObs,  PO Box 2310, North Conway, NH USA  03860





Condolence Messages

  1. Joseph G. Alesi

    23 May 2019 3 years ago

    Bob was a great friend of mine and a solder in arms at Thurber. We shared many working experiences together and a kindred interest in target shooting black powder pistols at the club in the Demonstration Forest in North Van. Later when we were both retired, Bob joined me in a personal investigation of slope stability on a property that I was considering for purchase. We had a grand time climbing down the cliff face and inspecting the sloughed material at the base. I declined despite Bob’s assurance that while unstable it would be OK to own it.

    I miss you already Bob. You were a genuine character and foil for the amusing stories we told each other.

  2. Kim Feltham

    27 April 2019 3 years ago

    Dearest Tese and Family. Bob will always have a very special place in my thoughts and heart for he mentored and guided me through my first geoscience job with Thurber, and then followed me as a friend thereafter. It’s not a stretch to say that at a critical time in my life at 23 years of age, his encouragement and enthusiasm was instrumental in my self confidence for my career and life in general. He was a role model to me for high standards, professionally and personally. After we lost Steven both you and Bob were so thoughtful with me and the boys; I thank you so much for your generosity! Bob’s sense of humour was both very witty and kind…the best. I’m happy that he had such a full and successful life, and a wonderful family with a grandson to enjoy.

  3. Howard Hunter

    23 April 2019 3 years ago

    Tese, Colleen & I feel so sad to hear of Bob’s passing. It is like we have lost a true friend.
    I first met Bob in my role as Provincial Approving Officer which was a quasi judicial position wherein I often had to make serious life and death decisions as to whether subdivisions should be approved or not. Over the years I met with Bob, often on site to make final decisions regarding hazards & threat to life & limb. I was always impressed with Bob’s vast knowledge and he often assisted me greatly in making such decisions for which I will always be greatful. He was always calm, cool & collected & could easily answer any questions I may have had which was very comforting. I always recall looking forward to my meetings with Bob as I knew they would be entertaining and if there was any humor I knew Bob would find it.
    I was always so impressed with his knowledge on a vast veriety of topics.
    I feel that we have truly lost a dear friend gentleman & a scholar.
    Colleen & I look forward to seeing you @ Bob’s Celebration of Life on May4,2019.
    Take care & please feel free to call anytime.
    Howard & Colleen.

  4. Alice Doherty

    14 April 2019 3 years ago

    Dear Tese, April 13, 2019
    My sister, Betsy Bahre, sent me Bob’s obit . I was sorry to hear he had passed away, and my thoughts are with you and your kids. Bob texted that he thought he was our classmate who traveled the farthest to attend our 50th class reunion. I wish I could have been there too, but since my stroke in 1999 I’ve been in a wheelchair and it’s too difficult for me to travel. I always admired Bobby for seeming to know exactly what he wanted to do with his life and to follow through with his wishes. I remember his interest in rocks and mountain climbing. He was the Bill Nye the Science Guy of our Canton High class of 1966. He had a great sense of humor and followed his dreams. I knew he worked on Mt. Washington and met you there. My family climbed it many years ago. The world has lost a good man who was a friend to many.
    My sympathies to you.
    Best wishes to you, Alice (Bunny) Selden Doherty

  5. Jennie Burdick

    12 April 2019 3 years ago

    Dear Tese, Guy and Tanya, and all who loved Bob. My sincere condolences for your loss. My father, Roger, was very close with your family, thank you and best wishes.
    Jennie Burdick and Family
    Denver, CO

  6. Graham Daneluz

    09 April 2019 3 years ago

    Bob worked closely with Fraser Valley Regional District staff for a number of years. I had the very good fortune to spend time with Bob during this period. Bob was an inspiration to us all. His deep knowledge of, and passion for, geoscience awed us. His patient, thoughtful and always ethical approach remains a guide. I am deeply grateful for this.

  7. Bob Gerath

    09 April 2019 3 years ago

    It was a privilege to know him growing up. I’m grateful for every chance I had to visit out west. He was a great man and a great uncle, to whom I owe considerably more than my name.

  8. Trudi Hani

    08 April 2019 3 years ago

    Dear Tese,
    My apologies for writing Jim instead of Bob. (I am the daughter of a Trudi and it is my error,). We are both so sorry for this error and your loss.
    Carol Hani

  9. Trudi Hani

    08 April 2019 3 years ago

    Dear Tese,
    Hermann and I are saddened by your loss. We have so many dear memories of our times with both of you in West Hartford. I would love to attend Jim’s service in Canton. If possible, please let me know when it will be.
    With sincere condolences,
    Trudi and Hermann Hani

  10. Yoskyl Webb

    06 April 2019 3 years ago

    I had the privilege of meeting Bob through the Friends of North Vancouver District Public Library, and found him to be a stalwart in its support. Many happy conversations about glacial geomorphology…our mutual interest.
    Kind thoughts to you, Teri. Yoskyl Webb

  11. Klema Hungr

    05 April 2019 3 years ago

    I and all of my children, we all knew Bob well for many many years. He was a close friend and colleague to my late husband, he gave Oldrich and I years of fun at Thurber Christmas parties. We all enjoyed his company with the kids together; to this day we remember him entertained the kids with a penny stuck to his forehead. Much love, Klema, Pierre, Nikolai and Clara.

  12. Brenda Hartley

    05 April 2019 3 years ago

    Bob was a mentor, teacher and major influence in my professional life. Through Bob, I grew a passion to marry science and policy in the realm of hazard management. I also learned from Bob how important it is to invest and mentor young people, and to always come at life with a smile and a chuckle. Thank you, Bob. Hugs to Tese and the family.

  13. Bill Blaiklock

    05 April 2019 3 years ago

    I have felt so blessed for over 59 years to have the Gerath’s as my second family, and Bob was always so generous with his time and energy when Mark and I were young. Knowing and seeing Bob has been one of the highlights of my life and I will always have wonderful memories of an incrediblely special person.

  14. J. Chambers

    05 April 2019 3 years ago

    Dear family and loved ones, please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. It has helped me and many others to know that the Bible promises that soon God “will swallow up death forever” (Isaiah 25:8) and that He will bring about a resurrection of our dear loved ones (John 5 : 28, 29) . May “the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort,” comfort you during your time of sadness. (2 Corinthians 1: 3)

  15. Kathle

    04 April 2019 3 years ago

    I knew Bob in high school and am forever grateful for his.
    hilarious cartoons which he passed around every physics class our senior year. I had no interest in physics at all, but, somehow, those cartoons made it all worthwhile!

  16. Bruce Smith

    04 April 2019 3 years ago

    I was very sorry to hear about Bob’s passing Teri. I worked for Thurber in the Edmonton and Calgary offices between 1974 and 1996. I worked on a number of projects with Bob and always appreciated his sense of humor. Everyone in the company respected Bob’s work ethic and his extensive knowledge of geology. I am so glad that I got to know Bob and work with him.

  17. Dan Lefebvre

    04 April 2019 3 years ago

    Dear Tese, it is a privilege to have shared in the Gifts of Love and Life that you and Bob created over these many years. Bob’s warmth and humor, curiosity and intellect, and passionate approach to life and to caring for others are cherished memories. Our conversations were endearing. Our family is grateful for the Gift of Bob.

    Please extend my heartfelt condolences to Guy and Tanya. I look forward to the Celebration of his Life on May 4th. I am holding you close in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Dan

  18. Guy Gosselin

    04 April 2019 4 years ago

    So long, my dear friend. “It’s all there,” you once said with a sweep of your hand as we sat on an eminence overlooking the Peabody valley, meaning that all the answers were in the geologic evidence if only the record were correctly interpreted. In the same way that stone and clay reveal the past, your friendship and your wit survive you and will be remembered by all who knew you.

  19. Jon Belden

    04 April 2019 4 years ago

    Bob taught us many things throughout the course of his full and contributing life. He gave us much joy and many laughs. His creativity, kindness, humor, energy and unending quest for knowledge and zeal for imparting same, and devotion to family and friends were the hallmarks of his great life. These things will endure within everyone who knew him.

    His aunt and uncle, Miggie and Jon Belden

  20. Martin Lawrence

    04 April 2019 4 years ago

    I had the great pleasure of meeting Bob on several occasions and having thoughtful and entertaining conversations on the subject of engineering geology and landslides inevitably followed by a few jokes and a beer (or two). I will remember Bob as a humble and warm fellow, with a great sense of humour, and above all a true gentleman. He left his mark.
    My condolences to his family.
    Sincerely, Martin Lawrence.

  21. John Clague

    03 April 2019 4 years ago

    I am sad. Bob was a very special person in my life – a caring man with great sense of humour. I am honoured to have known and spent time with Bob. My condolences to you, Tese.

  22. Gavin Bamber

    03 April 2019 4 years ago

    I will always remember Bob as the energetic, thinking, and humorous fellow who I worked with as a tireless volunteer for the Friends of the Library in North Vancouver. I will never forget his smile.

  23. Nan Martin

    03 April 2019 4 years ago

    Hello Terri,
    That was a loving farewell! Thanks for sharing with me. My thoughts are with you.Love and hugs, Nan

  24. Alejandro Carrera

    03 April 2019 4 years ago

    Terry, Tania and Guy,
    I’m writing this lines literally with tears in my eyes, I have lost my brother in last November and I really know the pain you guys are going thru.

    I am really sorry for your loss. I knew Bob and I know he was a great man and a funny guy. No questions about to be a Father or a husband, for sure he was the best.

    Please accept our Mexican (not too different from the Canadian or American ones) and sincere condolences, we know is hard to to bear is absence right now but he should be smiling and having a peaceful rest now. Our prays to his eternal rest and to you guys to find comfort soon.

    Sincerely, Alex Carrera (The computer guy) and Family.

  25. Jennifer Morrow

    03 April 2019 4 years ago

    I am very honored to have known Bob. He was a good man. During our younger years he and tese were a pivitol part of following his children and our passion for ELOMTM. I always held them in high regard. Bob’s life long accomplishents will always be remembered. I will miss him. Sending love and prayers to all of his family. Much love Jenn and Andrew .

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