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May 12, 1969 – December 28, 2019
SIOBHAN MAURA DEVLIN, aged 50, of Vancouver, passed away on December 28, 2019 after an enduring battle with cancer, with her adoring husband Greg Burnham at her side. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, she is survived by a large and loving family,  including mother and step-father Josie and Wesley, father and step-mother Tim and Joyce, mothers Sarah and Nym, brother Brad, sister, brother-in-law and niece Sarah, Shaun, and Sophia, godmother Laurita as well as Colette, Dave, and Nora.

Siobhan’s extraordinary gift for keeping friendships means still having friends from every job she ever had, from every online group she was a member of, and every school she attended – many of whom were with her right to the end.

A highly passionate and creative person, Siobhan infused her artistic talent into all areas of her life, be it photography, painting, drawing, graphic design, her much coveted gingerbread cookies, make-up – which she bonded over with her niece, and the Brand Strategy work she did for clients as diverse as an Internet Hosting company and a Young Adult author. In the five years after her metastasized cancer diagnosis she lived fully, including graduating from UBC with a Master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences.

Siobhan was always up for a laugh, a good meal, and an adventure. A hardcore foodie, she travelled widely, and whether she was living in Dallas or San Francisco, vacationing in Tokyo, Paris, or Nafplio, she had the inside scoop on great museums and local restaurants.

Siobhan lit up the lives of everyone she cared about. She was a brilliant flame who will forever burn brightly in all our hearts.

“She who seeks beauty will find it.”

Condolence Messages

  1. Sarah French

    04 February 2020 3 years ago

    Siobhan’s grace despite pain and suffering during treatment, reprieves, and devastating news moved and inspired me forever. I mentioned Greg’s inspiring, tender. loving care in my posts online and at the service and I’m so happy to have him as my brother thanks to Siobhan. Sarah D and Nym need mentioning: I can’t tell you two how much I love and admire you for your dedication and sacrifices in caring for our Siobhan, and all of us, in her final year through the highs and lows. The fact we could all take you for granted at times shows how unconditional and magical your loving presence is and always has been. Josie, thank you for giving me a beautiful sister, I’m so glad she made beautiful art with you and inspired by you, and is living on in your beautiful portraits, her art, and her many stunning selfies. Brad, I will continue to boss you around as she requested as long as you will have me, and Tim, thank you for helping make our beautiful sister and sparking her love of adventures with those long road trips and beloved roller skates. Siobhan’s amazing friends and extended family: Siobhan picked amazing people to love, thank you for surrounding us with a “circle of love”, I hope you find some mutual comfort in it. She is with all of us now, reminding us to eat all the things, be righteous and brave, be cosy, and have adventures every day, no matter how small or private.

  2. Ken Sawatsky

    17 January 2020 3 years ago

    To Greg and family and friends. Much love goes out to you at this time. Siobhan will be missed in so many ways by so many people. She will be forever in our hearts and in our fond memories of one so special!
    Love and Hugs from Ken and Norah.

  3. Mo

    16 January 2020 3 years ago

    Greg, I am very sorry to hear of your wife’s passing. My condolences to you in this sad and difficult time.

  4. Debra Locke

    14 January 2020 3 years ago

    Remembering her wonderful, bubbly and beautiful soul will forever remain in our hearts. My heartfelt condolences go out to her family and friends. She’s a truly lovable and kind person.

  5. Richard Arias-Hernandez

    14 January 2020 3 years ago

    Siobhan will always be one of my personal heroes. Always upbeat, funny, energetic and positive. Getting the most out of life while delivering the best of her to colleagues and classmates at UBC. I had the honour of having her as a brilliant student and working with her side by side at the UBC iSchool during her MLIS, sharing laughs and good times.

  6. Jessie

    13 January 2020 3 years ago

    Such a beautiful write up about an incredible woman. My love goes out to all who love her. I keep thinking of Rumi’s quote: “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes, because for those who love with their heart and soul, there is no separation.”

  7. Luanne Freund, Director of the UBC School of Information

    11 January 2020 3 years ago

    Siobhan was a real force and positive presence in our school at UBC and was much loved by faculty, staff and students for her energy, passion and openness to connecting with everyone around her. It was incredibly inspiring to see how she threw herself into her graduate studies and all the social and professional experiences that came along with the degree, and how she excelled in all that she did. She enriched the school and the lives of all of us during her time here, and we extend our sincere condolences to her friends and family.

  8. Marcia Currie

    11 January 2020 3 years ago

    To Greg and the rest of Siobhan’s family,
    I know you will so miss her light in your lives. I’m one of those lifelong friends she had after working with her on a couple of projects. She was so talented and always a pleasure to be around. Even working with her remotely and virtually from 2000 miles away she was always the bright spot in my day. ❤️

  9. Karen Demers

    11 January 2020 3 years ago

    My deepest condolences to Greg and also to her dear friends and family at this very difficult and sad time. Greg, you have shown incredible strength – how lucky she was to have such a loving and supportive husband beside her. Siobhan was truly special, had a unique creative brilliance and such a lovely charm. May she rest in peace.

  10. Sara M Rose

    10 January 2020 3 years ago

    I wanted to add Sarah French, Siobhan’s sister and Erin Heinz a life long friend. Sending you condolences and hugs.

  11. Sara M Rose

    10 January 2020 3 years ago

    I feel a loss for words. I will add something more later. But, just wanted to send love and support to her dear Greg, and Brad, their families and dearest friends. Siobhan really has a beautiful and force filled energy that goes on and will stay with us.

  12. Karen Schendlinger

    10 January 2020 3 years ago

    Since I was 8 years old I knew that Siobhan was cooler, classier, and prettier than me. Because of her influence, I think I gained a pinch or two of those qualities, which I could have gotten nowhere else. She introduced me to aesthetic wax, which transformed my self-image, she awed me with her bottomless knowledge and powers of design, which I have never had any hope of equaling, and she brought me to the online community where I met the man who today is my husband. I hoped we would be old ladies together, laughing at the foibles of humanity over cups of tea and mounds of Tone’s date balls, but she moved on without me. A piece of me went with her, and a piece of her stays with me.

  13. Greta and ken

    09 January 2020 3 years ago

    Reading all the wonderful comments made us think about Elton John’s moving song when Diana passed about the candle in the wind that burned out way too soon

  14. Marcia Toms

    09 January 2020 3 years ago

    I first met Siobhan when she showed up – probably with Sarah French – at Ideal Mini School where I was teaching, For the first month, I thought her name was Siobhan Divine and in short order, she would prove to be just that. At the time, Ideal was “punk rock high school” (thanks, Adele) and it wan’t long before Siobhan had dyed her gorgeous red hair black. Yikes. But entirely in keeping with her easy-going pursuit of a unique and memorable style. It’s funny what a teacher remembers and I certainly remember Siobhan’s romance with the late Jonathan Pilley who liked Ideal so much he had come back for a second run at grade 12 in 1987. That’s when he and she got together. Later on, after she graduated, I would often bump into Siobhan on the Drive. Once she told me she was determined to study opera. Just like her to do that. About 8 years ago we made another reconnection and she helped out the Class of ’88 (her juniors) with their Reunion, then took on the task of designing the logo for the Public Education Project. When she came to dinner at our house, she brought cookies so beautiful they looked like paintings and you didn’t want to eat them. But, of course, you did. I saw her a week before she died. She hugged me and said; “You will see me again.”

  15. Anna Baird

    09 January 2020 3 years ago

    How I will miss her! She brought joy to everyone, and I never met her irl, just online for many years. Love ❤️ to Greg and all of her family at this time. She will forever be in our hearts, and I will miss seeing her lovely painted nails which she loved to share. Xo

  16. Noni Mate

    08 January 2020 3 years ago

    So sad to hear this news. My heartfelt condolences to you Greg. I did not know Siobhan very well, but whenever Janos and I ran into the 2 of you I was always stuck by her sparkle, her friendliness, and her ability to make me feel special. I know how much you loved her. She was truly one of the special ones. Thinking of you in this difficult time. xo

  17. Tiffany Austin

    08 January 2020 3 years ago

    “So bloody cool”! “Amazing woman and friend”! “Intelligent, Passionate, Arty, and Kind”! These are some of the insights offered to describe one of the most incredible and influential people I know. Siobhan, you found a place inside of us that could only be described as powerful. It didn’t seem to matter if it was a brief meeting or a life long friendship, your impact was always immense. Even with this change in energy, you are still enriching the lives of others. I have been inspired by you in ways that I am still uncovering and I feel so blessed to have known even a little fragment of your grand self. Thank you for sharing what you did and thank you for your essence. It’s lingering affects are ubiquitous. My heart is with your husband and family during this time of immense change. May you continue to bless them from your new adventurous place.

  18. Belinda Price

    08 January 2020 3 years ago

    A wonderful, inspirational woman who will never be forgotten. Forever alive in our hearts.

  19. Naomi

    08 January 2020 3 years ago

    This dear, darling woman will be so greatly missed. xo

  20. Robert Byers

    08 January 2020 3 years ago

    My condolences to Greg, and all the family, Tim,Joyce, Josie and Brad. Sioban’s bravery and determination are are an inspiration.

  21. Colleen Bruce

    08 January 2020 3 years ago

    Siobhan brought joy into the world with her intelligence, her humour and her curiosity for life. She will remain in my heart a special friend and colleague who was supportive and inspiring. She will be deeply missed.


  22. Sonia Hrybko Gehlen

    08 January 2020 3 years ago

    Our sweet beautiful Siobhan will be greatly missed. Firm our very first meeting, until our last goodbye I was awed by her loveliness , and impressed by her grace. (Plus of course, she was just so bloody cool.)
    We worked together, ate, talked books and music, drank wine, and danced. Every outing was a mini adventure.
    She is part of me, and will always be.

  23. Jessica Thomas

    08 January 2020 3 years ago

    Beautiful words about the most amazing woman I never met in person! Lots of love to her wherever she may be now and love to her family for as easy a ride as possible in grieving Xxx

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