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We Will All Fly Away One Day

Alternate Endings: Six New Ways to Die

A recent HBO documentary “Alternate Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America” features ordinary folks as they navigate their end of life, decide what their after-death care would be like and how their family and friends honored them, their wishes and requests. 

Watch the documentary’s trailer here. 

The film has been praised for giving the audience “a glimpse of atypical, beautiful, and even joyous grieving.” It shows the dying people and their circle of loved ones go about their usual daily routine. Although the audience sees sadness and worry, we also witness humor and lightheartedness. It’s this normalcy of life that makes the audience connect to the loss of these complete strangers featured in the film. As the website, The Spool says the filmmakers “Peltz and O’Neill leave space for love to fill the void, which makes it all the more understandable why these people choose to go into the end of their lives in such unique ways.”

The Way We Serve

Here at KORU we fully support clients and their families in choosing unique and personalized ways of honoring their loved ones. We go beyond the traditional urns and collaborated with local artists and makers in providing beautiful, environmentally sustainable, artisanal vessels and urns for you. 

Susan Johnston is one of the local artists KORU has collaborated with. In the “Sentiments” series, Susan creates pit-fired pottery birds made from clay with the ashes of your loved one embedded in each work of art. As each person in this world, each bird the artist creates will be one of a kind. 

Artisanal Vessel by Susan Johnston
Each Bird is Made with Love

A sculptor and potter in the Lower Mainland, she had this to say about the “Sentiments” series:

“It is my honour as a sculptor and potter to create something memorable for your family. These pit-fired pottery birds embody a rustic elegance. Each bird is a unique original creation made from clay and twice fired for strength and beauty. The pieces are a combination of wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery combining both form and function. The notion that one day we will all fly away is embodied in the Sentiments series. Each bird is made of love.”  

Susan Johnston, Sea Spirit Studio

And keep in mind – as Susan Johnston wisely reminded us – one day we will all fly away. 

Until next time, friends. 

Your fellow mortal,


End Notes

To know more about Susan Johnston and her work, check out her official website.

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