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Michelle Pante, co-founder of WILLOW:: Inspired End of Life Planning, recently wrote a short blog piece about “responsive funeral services”. I think it’s a fantastic way to describe the services of funeral providers who are finding ways to be more relevant, more open and more responsive to the public and their clients when dealing with death or funeral care needs.

Are You Being Served Well?

In September of 2017 KORU hosted its first-ever sponsored evening of “Reality of Your Mortality” led by WILLOW (Reena and Michelle) for KORU clients and the public at large. This was a big deal for us as KORU is the only funeral provider in the lower mainland that is seeking to encourage its community to plan fully for one’s end of days (beyond writing a will and getting your finances in order) by way of coming to terms with our own death under the guidance and leadership of WILLOW.

Too often the public education that funeral providers offer is focused only on the tangible tasks of end of life planning (i.e.: wills and estate seminars, how to pre-pay for funeral services and cemetery property), completely ignoring the need for individuals to be able to acknowledge and be at peace with their own mortality so that they can plan mindfully for their end of life.

Responsive Funeral Directors

By KORU striking out on a new path when it comes to public death education, we hope to continue our mandate of being a responsive provider of funeral services.

Please read Michelle’s blog, called “A New Age of Funeral Services”.

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