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Have a Conversation

This morning I was listening to Anna Maria Tremonti on CBC’s The Current as she interviewed Julie Samuel, author of “Grief Works”. I was reminded again, that no matter how often I and everyone else I know working in the death and dying field, talk about the great need for people to start having conversations about dying and death, we can’t say it enough. Sometimes I feel like I’m just droning on when asked what is the one thing people can do to start planning and I reply, “start by having a conversation.” But I realized again this morning, that we can’t stop encouraging people to take this seemingly simple step, even if it feels monotonous. If we don’t start by talking about it, how well will we really be able to plan and even accept our own mortality let alone the mortality of those we love most? If you’re someone who is comfortable talking about death and dying matters, please start a conversation with your friends and encourage them to do the same.

To listen to Anna Maria Tremonti’s interview with Julie Samuel, please click here.

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