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Fallen Branches Bereavement Group

Starting September 5th Fallen Branches – a group for Adults whom have lost a Parent, Sibling, Relative or Friend through death – this group meets the first Monday of every month from 6:30PM to 8:30PM (September 5, October 3, November 7, etc.) at 5680 Patrick Street, Burnaby (two blocks north of Marine Dr., east of Royal Oak).

Preregistration is required as we like to keep the groups under 12 participants. PLEASE RSVP by emailing Sarah Lipsett at [email protected]                                                                    Groups are open to adults, over the age of 18 and a fee of $30.00 is charged at the time of service. 

When someone you love dies, everything in your world changes. Many people believe that they are going crazy, they feel “out of control”. These are normal responses to grief. The most beneficial thing that we can do for ourselves is to allow for the experience of our grief, express the emotions that we are experiencing and practice good self care.

Members of a support group typically share their personal experiences and offer one another emotional comfort and moral support. They may also offer practical advice and tips to help you cope with your situation.

If you are interested in attending either individual grief support or a grief support group, please contact us by phone at 604-564-6222 or email at [email protected]

Sarah Lipsett, MA, RTC

ACCT Registered Therapeutic Counsellor
Master Therapeutic Counsellor
Registered Counselling Supervisor

[email protected]

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