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Tom Wright, 68, passed away on Monday, June 11, 2018 in a motorcycle accident near Hawthorne, Nevada.

 Born in Winnipeg, MB to John Thomas and Margaret Wright, Tom’s adventurous spirit and infectious sense of humor defined him. He spent his life traveling the world, climbing mountains and telling stories and jokes before settling in Vancouver to start and run his own contracting business.

 In addition to his traveling and contracting, he was an expert skier, a skilled chef and avid outdoorsman, constantly seeking out new experiences and locales. He enjoyed blues music, classic films, hockey, golf, camping, crossword puzzles and exotic cuisines.

 Above all, he was a loving husband and father.

 He is survived by his wife Susan, his son Cory, his mother, sisters Pam and Audrey and brother Norman. A celebration of his life will be held at Celebration Hall (5455 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5W 2Z3) on Sunday, June 17 at 3 p.m.

For those of you who are unable to make it to the Celebration of Life ceremony, Cory and Susan have made Tom’s photo slideshow memorial available to you all. To view it, simply click here and enjoy the memories. 

In lieu of flowers we would also be grateful for donations made to the Dixon Transition Society, which provides a safe haven, shelter, guidance and hope for women and children fleeing violence, https://dixonsociety.ca

Or to the Joy Smith Foundation, which “works to ensure that every Canadian man, woman and child is safe from manipulation, force, or abuse of power designed to lure and exploit them into the sex trade or forced labour” http://www.joysmithfoundation.com/

 the photo slide show that was shown at Tom’s Celebration of Life

Condolence Messages

  1. Garth and Stephanie Dale

    24 June 2018 4 years ago

    Cory and Susan,
    Stephanie and I were devastated to hear of Tom’s passing.
    I only met him a couple of times but remember only too well his tales of adventures around the world. What a warm hearted man – with a real flair for story telling.
    Please accept our condolences and our love.
    Wish we could have been at the Memorial Service. We are in Italy, a country I know Tom loved.

  2. Barun Gupta

    22 June 2018 4 years ago

    We are very sorry and sad for you all, for the loss of our dear friend TOM! He was such a great loving gentleman, I am honored to know Him. “Dear Tom RIP”
    I used to sit beside our dear Tom at Bonsor senior center, Burnaby, B.C. He sits on my right-hand side. We used to talk lot about travelling. He is the only person I met, who traveled more than 80 counties. My wife and I love to travel too. He loved to talk about His motor-cycle, and always very proud His “motor-cycle”! Some time He used to show me some of His pictures from His “i-phone”.
    It’s hard to believe (I only came to know Him, about a year), that He is no longer in this world with us! I am Praying for Him all The Best!
    If possible, and no privacy issue, then; I like to know; more about his travelling life style, and experience.
    Please take care, and do things safely

  3. Craig Jackson

    20 June 2018 4 years ago

    I met Tom when we were 8 or 9 and for the next 20 years or so, we spent a lot of time together. We worked paper routes, we were pin setters at the local 5 pin bowling alley, we were cub scouts, boy scouts, worked together in the Bay Grocery Department and were in a senior scout troop that required you to have a motorcycle to belong. Yeah, Tom and I bought our first motorcycles at about the same time. We were inspired by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. Saw it when we were 15 and were convinced we had to have motorcycles. We had so much fun on those bikes, the local Fort Garry police knew us by name. Tom and I were both busted for speeding and at another time, possession of alcohol while under age. Good times.
    I lived with Tom in 1971 in a two bedroom apartment above the Jewish Women’s Opportunity Store at the corner of Osborne and Rosedale. Rent was $100 a month, free parking. Tom had a Honda 750 at the time and would insist that I borrow it anytime he wasn’t using it. A lot of pizzas were eaten in that apartment.
    When Tom worked for a finance company, I went with him on a couple of repos, welcome to the real world, Craig. During that period of time we played a lot of chess in his apartment on Broadway, The Nelson.
    For the next couple of years Tom would sometimes call me in the middle of the night and say something like “Jack, I’m in Wyoming, you gotta get down here”
    Jump to 1977, Tom’s working north of Ft. McMurray and asks me to join him. Of course I quit my job, pack up my few belongings in my van and drive north west. I got a job at the same camp “Tar Island” about 20 miles north of Ft McMurray and Tom and I spent a year playing jokes on each other, playing backgammon for money (I lost big time, in the thousands, but eventually he forgave my debt, bless him), listening to Firesign Theatre, speaking in Firesignese, lots of music (Tom had his amp, turntable and speakers in his tiny room) and saving money, him for travelling, me for a sailboat. During that time Tom decided to learn the constellations and somehow, without the internet, he did. He bought books about stars and spent many nights on the roof of the oil sands project we worked for. We discovered that you could hear the northern lights. We lived on a camp and you could buy pot at the commissary, things have come full circle.
    Tom kept in touch with me for years, he and Gator gifted me with a jade elephant after their trip to China and I still can’t find an image on the internet of my elephant, with a lotus flower in it’s trunk.
    In 2000 Tom stayed with me so he could attend our high school’s reunion and he entered and won the reunion’s pool tournament.
    For the last 18 years Tom has kept in touch with me and totally understood my struggles with depression.
    I love you, man.

    [email protected]

  4. Bart and Joy Smith

    20 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Susan and Cory… I met Tom in Grade 7 and over the past 56 years his friends, family and I have admired his sense of humour, his integrity and his love of travel. For Tom was no weekend vacationer, but rather an explorer of the world. In the 60’s Craig, Jim, Tom and I patrolled the streets of Ft. Garry in Winnipeg on our bicycles but in High School bicycles became motor cycles.Tom rode a beautiful all chrome Honda 350 with a baby blue gas tank. Thus began his love of adventure which fuelled Tom into his late thirties.He had a passion for meeting people all over the world from the camel auctions in India to the beaches of South America. So many memories: riding out of town to meet his grandmother and enjoy her cooking, his miracle hole- in- one at Windsor, the iconic camping trips, drag racing down Bison Drive, Tom guiding my wife and I on a wonderful trip through Japan, visiting Tom and Susan in New York City, weekends at Whistler with Marty, his love of cooking for others, how proud he was of his son Cory, the story telling and laughter in my time of need, the love of adventure that never waned. Be with God Tom and we’ll meet you on the return journey.
    From Kahlil Gibran: Your friend is your needs answered.
    Love from Bart and Joy

  5. Linda Zwaga

    19 June 2018 4 years ago

    I am so sorry to hear of your heartbreaking loss. I had read so many wonderful comments about Tom here and my heart goes out to you, your family and all who had the honor to know him and love him.

  6. Darin Cohen

    19 June 2018 4 years ago

    I was honoured to be Tom’s physio. He was always a pleasure to work with, and throughout the years I grew to learn about Susan and Cory. I also learned about travel, cooking and perseverance in my many conversations with Tom. I send my sincere condolences to his family. The staff always enjoyed having a chat with him when he entered the clinic, and we all shared some memories this evening upon learning of his untimely passing. I will miss you Tom.


  7. James Allison ( aka Gator/ Gates )

    19 June 2018 4 years ago

    After spending the day of celebration reflecting with a variety of people on times spent with Tom (Seed , Tequila Weed , and more recently and affectionately Tommy ) I guess the time has come to share some words on paper . ( first draft ) I’ll not dwell on Tom’s qualities as I feel others have done so well and those who know him , know them .

    Besides his family and his wife and son , I’d like to think that I , his brother from another mother , Gator ( Gates , Jim ,Jimmy ) have spent more time with Tom than anyone else . I’d like to say that it was time well spent and that I hoped would continue into our old age . At any rate I will still be talking with him in hopes that he is somewhere out there smiling and nodding his head .

    I’ll try not to ramble on ( in draft 1 I used “won’t” ) about details ( though you can contact me if you’d like to know more ) but suffice to say our time spent together included youthful adventures on bikes , in cars ,in scouts , in pubs and chasing girls in and around Winnipeg , our hometown . During university in and outside class , studying , a little , and then going to the pub , on ski buses ( major fun ) and other trips farther afield . A 1 1/2 year adventure from California ( where we parked my car at my uncle’s and hit the road ) through Mexico , Central America , down the west side of S. America and back up the east , through the Caribbean via the Britsh West Indies where we were ” encouraged ” to fly home by a disgruntled immigration officer . ( you’ll remember my car was in CA ) We travelled by thumb generally and a used every conceivable means of transport . I can’t say we were together 100% of the trip ; like any couple we’d occasionally take a break from each other , particularly when one wanted to move faster or slower than the other .

    Fast forward to 1980 , after a few years of taking different journeys ( I to Indonesia and Bolivia with Canada World Youth , Tom to India , Nepal and Sri Lanka ) we “reconvened ” in Japan to spend the latter part of the ski season together at a ski area in Hokkaido . Sapporo became my base for several years after that while Tom lived in Tokyo , but we’d get together for motorcycle trips in Japan , treks in Tibet to Chomagluma (Everest ) base camp and the Zanskar Valley in Ladahk and a 6 week tour of China which had just “opened up ” to westerners .

    Call it coincidental , but brothers like us never live too far apart . We both seemed to come to a time in our lives where we’d seen and done so much and wanted to settle down . ( a little ) You know , the song by Neil Young – come a time … Falling in love helped too ( no , not with each other , though we did love each other ) We both , almost simultaneously , settled down in the Vancouver area with wonderful ( understanding ) wives and shortly after ( actually my boys were ” made in Japan “) children .

    I’d like to think we are / were responsible , loving husbands /fathers who nevertheless felt the need to go skiing , camping , travelling , to the pub , etc. over all these years here where we missed the “road “, looked for opportunities to get back on it or to reminisce about it. We share so many stories together which change and are perhaps slightly exaggerated as time goes by . ( I’ll have to re-read some of my journals one of these days )

    Why did we spend all this time together ? Well I can’t speak to Tom on my behalf , but I’d like to think that we looked out for each other and that we shared some qualities but also possessed others that made us an interesting pair of characters. We made our own history together . We both knew that when things went sour they would soon be sweet again … and boy they were sweet Tommy …we’ve had wonderful lives .

    I will miss meeting my brother for lunch to share these fantastic dreams that we had , but I won’t let them die . ( sorry I’m a bit teary-eyed again ) nor will I let his spirit die . We’ll meet again on the other side brother , in the meantime , stay with me . Love ya bro.
    ( written while partaking in a Bud Light , I’m told Tommy’s beer of choice while on the road recently – not mine , but actually not that bad )

    In closing , more hugs to Susan and Cory – you know we all share a common love for Tom .

  8. Claire Dawe

    18 June 2018 4 years ago

    Tom and I had some great conversations after exercise class, he had so many stories about his adventures. He was a lovely man and will be greatly missed by all of us at the class. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  9. Johnny Maudlin

    18 June 2018 4 years ago

    I attended Tom’s celebration today. The video presentation breathed life into the stories Tom shared with me in our few encounters as neighbours at Cascade Village. I understand an “online” memorial page has been created and I would love to see it. If someone sees this message please let me know where I might find that page. Thanks in advance.

    1. Ngaio Davis

      19 June 2018 4 years ago

      Cory has provided a link to Tom’s photo memorial which is now available within the on-line obituary notice on the KORU website.

  10. The Schmidt Family (Tim, Patti, and Camille)

    17 June 2018 4 years ago

    I’m so sorry to Susan and Cory for not being able to there to celebrate Tom’s wonderful adventurous life here on earth, today.  No words can describe the feelings and loss I’ve felt since finding out about Tom’s tragic loss of life.

    Tom and I were brothers in many, many ways. Of course, we were married to only
    sisters but that only set the stage for our life tracks to cross. Tom and I were both from the Midwest, who shared many similar interests including music (particularly blues), food, drink, books, W.C. Fields, mountain climbing, family summer vacations, Hawaii trips on and more.

    Our relationship went beyond shared interests and family, we connected on a deeper more human level. There was one quality, one side of Tom that made him a very rare
    individual. Tom was sensitive. He was sensitive the need of others around him. He was
    sensitive to make you feel at home and comfortable no matter the circumstances. Tom
    possessed in him a very soft part that probably most people did not know about unless
    you had one of those heart to heart conversations that we had on many occasions. He loved to please people and genuinely get to know them and their interests and his unique ability to tell great jokes was beyond compare. This is how he made others feel at ease.

    I would love to say to my brother Tom “Thanks so very much for the great memories.”
    I’m just overwhelmed by the fact that I won’t be able to make any more with him. Further
    his passing will have a lasting and profound effect on me and many others for the rest of
    our lives. I can only find some comfort in the fact that I was blessed to be able to become a close brother to Tom Wright. He will live with me in my heart and mind until the day I leave this world. Farewell Great Brother Tom. Love you forever.  Cheers Mate! Tim Schmidt
                                             BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE

    I can’t help but smile when I think about my brother-in-law Tom. He had such a wonderful  sense of humor and a treasure trove of jokes. Not only were the stories (many of which might be considered  politically  incorrect) hilarious but he was also able to master the accents  required to add that extra zing. Perhaps  it was because  he was so well-traveled  having spent time in so many remote places. This made him a particularly interesting person and it was always fun to listen to the tales of his time on the road.  Tom was also a talented chef and our family was fortunate to be able to share many meals prepared by him when we spent time together every summer in Lake Okanagan. At the lake he would entertain the kids by jumping off the slide and turning himself into a human cannon ball. Camille was particularly fond of the guerrilla warfare battles we would have there with our water guns.
    He was fun-loving, adventurous, and loyal with like-minded  friends who admired him as much as we did. My husband was very close friends with Tom  and they would  often go
    mountain climbing together. Over the 30+ years that they knew each other they became closer than brothers. 
    Rest in peace Cannon Ball Wright. The Schmidt family will miss you.

    It’s very hard for me to wrestle with the reality of the loss of my Uncle Tom. It seems incongruent to my thoughts and memories that a man who I’ve known my entire life, and who exuded so much joy and light could not be here. My first memories of Tom, were back on family vacations in Vancouver and Florida. Tom was the most loving father to Cory, and I remember as a child he would take Cory and I away from long grown up dinners and spend time entertaining us. He always wanted to make sure Cory and I were having fun — on the playground, on the lake, in the pools, playing ping pong and anywhere we could imagine. He just wanted us to smile and we did.

    In my childhood, Tom was a larger than life figure with a full guttural laugh who we could depend on for bringing merriment into monotony. In my teenage years and adulthood, I began to see Tom as more human and as a friend. My father, who is my closest friend, shared a friendship and chosen brotherhood with Tom. The two would spend nights chatting on the phone, and warm summer evenings planning new adventures. In these later years, I began to see Tom as an extension of my own father– human, sensitive, questioning and proud. He was so proud of how adult Cory was becoming, with his career, big city apartments and supportive girlfriend. One of my last times with Tom, we sat on my deck alone and he talked to me in the dark with a full grin about how proud he was of his only son. That night he offered me life advice as I embarked on my own journey towards adulthood and wished me luck in my upcoming adventures.

    Today, I wish I had spoken to him more in the year preceding this day. However, I’m glad to have such vivid and happy memories with my uncle Tom, and know he’ll be watching over all of us.

    I love you very much Uncle Tom, and I will think of you always.


  11. Gary Newman

    17 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Tommy,

    That was what I called you from the moment I could pronounce those five letters around 1951. You were my best friend as we grew up together on Somerville Avenue in Fort Garry, Winnipeg.

    We stayed close friends until we both left home to discover the rest of the world – around 1969.
    By then you had already changed name to “Seed” – I can’t remember the origin. I became “Newmie”.

    You eventually moved to Vancouver, as did Gator.
    I have ended up in Sweden and Italy.

    I heard of your demise just a few hours ago and was very sad to get the news from Gator who has throughout the decades has kept me posted about your life in Vancouver.

    I have read the condolences from your friends about your fantastic life post Winnipeg. And been very moved by their stories about you. You are a true cosmopolite and world-citizen.

    “Seed” was a good nick-name for you.
    You planted many positive seeds in your relationships – not in the least, humour which makes the world go round!

    Thank you “Tommy, Tom, Seed” for what you have given me in my life!
    May you rest in peace.

    My condolences to Susan and family,


    [email protected]

  12. Sean and Lainey Butler

    17 June 2018 4 years ago

    Just loved the guy. Under that adventuresome spiirit, fiiled with a bottemless repertoire of jokes he was also dear heart. There was soup when life was challenging, great dinners which were alll the more fun given his cooking details and enthusiasm. There were days when i got him on the phone instead of Susan and he would listen to the our demands of the day with a sweet warmth and support.. We shared issues of life changes and health demands and with that great understanding. Our love and support to Cory, Susan and family. I do believe that he is riding and hoping we dont grieve too long as there are experiences to have,,, stories to tell and things to do.

  13. Rick Phipps

    17 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Susan and Cory,

    As I read the comments here, all well said and true, I am reminded of Tom’s many wonderful characteristics and his remarkable zest for life. His zany stories, his infectious humor, his sincere friendship, and his relentless search for fun and adventure —all bound and infused by sheer passion for life. There have been few people in my entire life who affected me as Tom did. I am grateful to have known him. I mourn his loss. The world is a less interesting place without Tom Wright.


  14. Toby Horowitz

    17 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Susan,

    It was so wonderful and enlivening to see you in New York several weeks ago.

    I was deeply saddened to hear about Tom’s passing — so hard to imagine because of his vitality and irrepressibility. I’m sorry for your loss and for Corey’s.

    I’m sending you my love and hopes for consolation.


  15. Bev Martin

    16 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Susan and Cory,

    To think of Tom is to hear his raucous laugh, his jokes which amused him the most- I think of his kindness and generosity showing Tara how to make his apple tatin, and taking me to Granville Island to show me which Thai cooking book to get and the right spices to buy. The love between the “guys’ is an honor I feel privileged to have witnessed, and the travel stories we have heard with fondness oh so many times with varying recollections depending on the teller. Tom’s enthusiasm for Halloween and his attention to his costumes will live on in memory even though it is only in my mind that I see him with the famous aquarium outfit on. I think of Tom living large, having fun and loving fiercely. A light this bright will prevail- and he will find a way to bring laughter and fun back. So much love to you dear Susan and Cory. I wish Tom a blessed adventure on his continuing journey.

  16. Jim martin

    16 June 2018 4 years ago

    In my life there has never been anyone else quite like Seed- for the length, intensity and significance of our experiences together, from Brazil to the Himalayas to the Great Northwest. The memory of the moment I met Seed is crystal clear in my mind, even after 44 years. It was a chance encounter on a sunny street in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He introduced himself as Seed, aka Tequila Weed. I introduced myself as Jim, so it was clear from the start that he was much cooler than me and definitely someone to hang out with.

    Long blond hair and tanned, Seed recommended that if I shaved my scraggly beard the girls would like me better (not true as it turns out). Then he invited me back to the Casa do Estudante- the Student Hostel- where he resided. There I was introduced to Oly, a tall blond Yank from California. We hit it off immediately, enjoying evenings drinking Brahma Choppe beer at seedy bars at the docks, hours of Frisbee throwing and swimming on the world famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, and throwing toilet paper out of the hostel windows to demonstrate our infantile North American behaviors. Seed and I rented an apartment near the beach, taught English and found girlfriends. We were living our version of the American dream. Somewhere in there Gator, also known as Jim Allison, a long time friend and traveling companion of Seeds from ‘The Peg’, appeared and we became, for me, the Four Muskateers: two Yanks, two Canadians, two Toms and two Jims who, coincidentally, shared a birthday of Valentines Day- all tall, blond and tanned and looking for adventure in South America. The competition was fierce- Canada vs USA as well as individual challenges. US won at most beers downed, with empties arranged in rows on the tabletop, but Seed won best looking legs and probably best tan. Memorable highlights include a week long cruise down the Rio San Francisco in an old Mississippi River paddlewheeler from which we nearly got kicked off when Seed and Oly decided to entertain the paying guests by jumping naked from the second floor roof into the river. Not the only time I had to act as responsible parent and restrain my disorderly companions. From there it was on to the carnival in Bahia and days of partying with the Brazilian revelers.

    Some time after that we all split up, realizing that our adventures had finally come to an end. Months later, stranded in Fortaleza on the north coast after surviving a plunge off a bridge in a VW beetle into an estuary, I heard from a travel agent about how two Canadians sailing on a passenger boat through the Caribbean had been put off the boat on some island for some misbehavior , and I knew without a doubt it was Seed and Gator. Their reputations had spread throughout South America.

    Fast forward several years to the Tibetan plateau in Kashmir, India. I look down from my perch atop a transport truck to see Oly standing by the road. I thought to jump off the moving truck, but hesitated. Couldn’t be him; I’d heard he was sailing somewhere in the South Pacific. Next night in Leh, Ladakn, end of the road north into the Himalayas, I heard a familiar greeting “Sure, Martin.” And we were reunited on the spot. Oly was to meet Seed, who was to fly to India from picking grapes in Europe, to take on the world famous trek to Mt Everest. We hiked for a time together and split up temporarily, agreeing to meet later in Kathmandu, Nepal. I returned to New Delhi and went to the train station to book a ticket. I was prepared for confusion, crowds and all the amazing experience that is India. I was not prepared to sign in the log book just below “Tom Wright.” who, it turns out, had just arrived in India by plane hours before and was still adjusting to the sight of people relieving themselves beside the road. I recognized the handwriting immediately. Within a couple hours we were reunited, the first of such chance encounters we had over the years which convinced me that we had some sort of special connection, like meeting Oly in a remote corner of the world in the Himalayas, something about the heart and soul of world travelers. We journeyed together to Nepal, met up with Oly as well as friends Bob and Aiko from Tokyo, and set out for Mt Everest. I recall running full tilt down rocky hillsides surrounded by spectacular snowpeaks, reaching the summit of Kalapatar at over 18 thousand feet elevation, posing for a photo on the back of a yak, persuading Seed to strip naked down and climb up on a huge rock balanced atop a column of ice for a photo of him paying homage to Mt Everest, enjoying breakfast of omelettes enhanced with magic mushrooms and floating on Phewa Lake, laughing so hard we could barely stay in the boat.

    Fast forward some months, or years perhaps, after being robbed of all my money and documents in north India I step off the train and bump once again into Seed, who had in fact been riding in the very next train car all along. We set out for the mountains to visit ancient temples and found ourselves one night approaching evening with no place to eat or sleep. The prior night was spent sleeping on a cold stone floor in an unheated room and we didn’t want to repeat that discomfort. We missed the last bus but were able to flag down a log truck and climbed on top for a ride to wherever they were going. Soon the truck was careening down the mountain out of control, people screaming, just like in the movies. I recall the truck going up on two wheels, and then lying on my back as logs rolled over the road toward me. I had several broken bones but fortunately Seed was fine, and we walked to the next village. The train ride several days later out of the mountains proved to be one of the most memorable times we ever shared, as passengers and luggage were stacked in the aisles like sardines, slipping around on a slick floor greased by butter from my smashed backpack. As we split up the next day, Seed going to a festival in Lucknow and me to the hospital in Delhi, he gave me a belt buckle with an image of a cloud passing under a rainbow in a valley, an experience we had in fact shared years earlier in Brazil. This is the special connection we shared as friends and travelers. From girl watching in Rio to sailing in the Maldives and smuggling electronics into India our adventures together spanned years and continents.

    Back In the states, we saw each other occasionally, a visit in Boston or New York, and later in Oregon and Vancouver. For many years we enjoyed annual camping get togethers in various places in the region, but the best was Rialto Beach in the Olympic National Park. Seed was chef, and I supplied the boneless, skinless chicken thigh he always requested. Four or five days of hiking, tequila and stories around the campfire with what I thought of as the International Association of Aging Hippie Travelers. Do you remember the time diving in the Maldives when I swam to the surface yelling “Seed, shark “ at the top of my lungs or Oly relieving himself on the woodpile in the Tibetan monastery?

    In recent years he derived much pleasure from annual bike rides with friends Nels and Oly, who told me on the phone on Seeds last day that he said he was having the best day of his life. When I go, I hope I can feel the same way about my last day. Seed was a huge player in my life and I will always cherish the time we spent together. I suspect we’ll continue our adventures in the next lifetime. Photos of him at Mt Everest, Rialto Beach and Vail adorning the walls of my home and offices are a constant reminder of the wonderful times we shared together.

  17. Michael DiNapoli

    16 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Susan and Cory,
    there are no words to describe the sadness that I feel about the loss of tom. A True friend. When we take Inventory of friends and family we know that our true friends may not see us every day or sometimes even years,we might talk once every year or not but we always know they are there and feel there presence when something reminds us of them.In that respect nothing will have changed Tom will always be in our hearts and thoughts, we might not be able to pick up a phone and call but we can feel what we have always felt that we have a true friend out there. The day I met you Tom I knew I had A friend, there was no other way to feel in your presence.
    My only regret is that I didn’t get to tell you the news about my new job, I have 500 people under me…….. I mow the grass at the Cemetery.
    Or that I received a letter from my mom the other day, she wrote that my uncle who worked at the whisky distillery fell into a vat of whiskey and drowned, his co workers tried to save him but he fought them all off.
    She also wrote that she was going to mail me fifty dollars but had sealed the envelope already.
    I promise to remember every bad joke you ever told.
    love you Brother

  18. Hazel Weiser

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    Today I went to the Chinese Institute to see the exhibit Art of the Mountain through the Chinese Photographer’s Lens. As soon as I saw the black and white sacred mountain images by Wang Wusheng I thought about Tom. I remembered when Susan came back to Mill Valley after meeting Tom while traveling in China, this dashing, adventurer, handsome, playful, charming, instantly friendly and open. Tom was a cosmic cowboy who knew how to dazzle people and make adventures unfold. Back then, we were all easier, less complicated, optimistic that we could do anything. I will always remember Tom’s spirit, his desire to connect with stories, food, and jokes. My heart goes out to you, Susan, and to you, Cory, as you mourn, as we all mourn. Namaste.

  19. Leszek Grecki

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Sue, Cory and Family! Please accept our deepest condolences in this difficult time. I’m sharing your sorrow as this is an irreplaceable loss od a great friend. The void will never be filled as there was only one Tom !! His spirit on the other hand will never leave us and whenever something funny will happen in our lives we can be sure Tommy will be by our side to cheer the laugh and when the grief strikes he’ll remind us that there is no situation that could’t be doubt with by cracking a good joke about it. Please include us in your grieving by asking for any help that we could give during this difficult time. Love, Leszek i Ania.

  20. Johnny Maudlin

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    I had the great good fortune of a wonderful conversation with Tom only a few weeks ago. I was stunned and sad to hear of this untimely passing. From the stories he recounted I think Tom lived more lifetimes than most. He will be missed.

  21. Sandy Klein and Jesús Castillo

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    We are deeply saddened to lose our friend, Tom, and send our condolences to Susan, Cory, Tom’s family, and his many friends. We wish we could be with you.

    Tom was a warm and generous friend who enjoyed entertaining and putting people at ease. He loved sharing his home, his cooking, his humor and his “secret” special places to enjoy nature.

    Tom spoke often of his pride in Susan and Cory. A loving father, he was especially proud to have shared his love of sports with Cory and thrilled to teach him to ski, camp, golf, and more.

    When Jesús and Tom met 12 years ago, they hit it off immediately and communicated seamlessly despite the language difference.

    Last winter, Susan and Tom visited during a snowstorm. Susan and I went out, leaving the “boys” in my small NY City apartment. We worried needlessly that they might be bored. Instead, we returned to find them laughing raucously, playing nerf ping-pong on the coffee table.

    RIP, Tom. We will miss you terribly.

  22. Steve Rogers

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    Susan, Cory and Family,
    I’m shocked and saddened by the loss of Tom, one of my best and dearest lifelong friends. Having known and shared endless miles on the road of life with him – living life to the fullest, with humor, kindness and a myriad of other soecial qualities, he will be forever missed. Rest well my kindred spirit.

  23. Steve Rogers

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    Susan, Cory and Family,
    I’m shocked and saddened by the loss of one best, longtime friends. Having known Tom well and shared a passion for living life to the fullest, enjoyed endless miles together on the road of life, his humor, kindness and a myriad of other qualities that made him such a unique human being, he will be forever missed. Rest in peace my kindred spirit.

  24. nargis kakar

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dearest Susan and Cory,

    I am truly sorry to hear this news. I never did get to meet Tom but I remember you telling us the story of how you met when we were all together a while ago. I pray for him to be at peace and please know that I am here to support you in any way that I can or you need. nargis

  25. Ken and Marina Weremchuk

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Susan and Cory,
    We have not known Tom as long as some of your other friends, but his stories sure make us feel that we have known him for a long long time. We always enjoyed seeing Tom and you, be it at Halloween or in NYC. Always took inspiration from his positive spirit and attitude, and will remember his great smile.
    Love, Ken and Marina Weremchuk

  26. Yumi Hirai & Ed Desrochers

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    Susan, Cory and Family:
    Our sincerest condolences go out to Susan, Cory and Family. 35 years ago Rick Phipps told us that we have to look up Tom & Susan if we decide to live in the Greater Vancouver area, because we would become friends. He was right. Tom and Ed shared a mutual love of adventure and the outdoors. Susan and I are both ex-New Yorkers. Tom & Sue became parents to Cory, couple of years later we became parents to Jess. When the boys were a little older the “boys” had a memorable camping trip up Mt. Baker. We will all miss Tom dearly, for his exciting stories, for his fabulous cuisine, for his great sense of humour, and most of all for being a friend. Rest in peace, dear Tom. PS – Tom, Ed is going to pay tribute to you by having a beer in your honour at or near the crash site, on Sunday

  27. Bob Witmer

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Susan and Cory,

    It is with inexpressible sadness and deepest sympathy that I write my love for Tom, truly one of my dearest friends. We shared many wonderful experiences, which Tom enhanced with his zest for life. Everest, Zanskar, Tokyo, and later Vancouver, each with his son. I cannot attend his memorial in person, though I will be there in spirit. Rest in peace my dear and lifelong friend. Shanti.

  28. Moira Silcox and Deb Ayers

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    Susan, Cory and family, we are so sorry to hear of Tom’s sudden passing. Over these many years, we have admired his positive spirit, great sense of humor and genuine love of life. We know he departed this world enjoying one of his favourite pastimes. We will miss his infectious laugh and dining on his delicious creations and, of late, his fantastic mojitos!

  29. Kathleen Fitzpatrick

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    Love and condolences to you both.
    Though I did not know Tom really well, I recall carpooling to hockey games with him and being greatly entertained by his fascinating travel stories. And when I was recovering from surgery he cooked up some amazing, delicious soups that he sent over. I was very grateful for this kindness.

  30. Linda and Dan Doherty

    15 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Susan and Cory and the whole family:

    We are so sorry that Tom has gone and left you heart-broken. The memories of his jokes and tales of his wanderings will live on to say nothing of memories of the wonderful meals he cooked with great variety and inventiveness. Our friend Tom of so many years will be sorely missed

    Love Linda and Dan.

  31. Rachel and Ben Rosin

    14 June 2018 4 years ago

    Dear Susan and Cory,
    Although we only met Tom a few times we will remember his outgoing manner and kindness.
    Sorry we cannot be with you for the memorial service on Sunday, Fathers Day.
    Love….Rachel and Ben Rosin

  32. Joan Conklin and Family

    14 June 2018 4 years ago

    With all my love to Susan and Cory,
    I have visions of Tom telling his adventure stories to the spirits of the universe while sitting at a table prepared with a great and delicious feast. May his spirit be at peace.

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