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Reclaiming Your Natural Role with the Dead
12 May, 2017(0)Commentskoru-admin

It might seem strange for a funeral director, embalmer and owner and founder of a funeral business to suggest to the public that you don’t need to hire a funeral director in order to look after the needs of those who have died as well as the services that go along with it. However, that is exactly what I would and do suggest.

Why? Because at the end of the day, when you strip all the so called rules and expectations away, funeral directors do not “own” your dead. They are yours and you can be the one to control and direct what will happen next. For some, that means doing all or most of the funeral practices without the assistance of a conventional funeral home. For others, that means blending the services of an open-minded and progressive funeral director into your plans.

Whatever the scenario, know you have the right to choose.  Such was the case in this incredible story of a family who opted for a home funeral instead of choosing the conventional funeral practices of today. Read on. You’ll be glad you did.

“How a non traditional funeral helped this mom process her daughter’s tragic death.”

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