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Sustainable Burial and Funeral Practices
05 April, 2017(0)Commentskoru-admin

Many of us (hopefully most of us!) in this part of the world have successfully incorporated  sustainable, eco-friendly practices into our daily living. We recycle, we bring our own shopping bags to the stores, we buy electric or hybrid vehicles or vehicles that get great fuel mileage, we buy ethically sourced products and so on. So, it only stands to reason that we would also consider the impact we make when it comes to death and funeral-related practices. Bury or cremate? Funeral procession with multiple cars or not? Biodegradable urn or metal urn? Slowly, slowly those of us on the industry side of death and dying are starting to educate ourselves about greener options and passing that education on to our clients.

Recently, the Vancouver Sun published an entire piece about reusing a family grave over multiple generations at Mt. View Cemetery, a prime example of how to incorporate an eco-friendly practice into our death rituals and choices. My hope is that, through wishes expressed by and pressure applied by the public, the local death and dying industry and local and provincial governments will start to see the value of “greening up” funeral-based options and make some  needed changes.

To read the article in the Vancouver Sun, click here.

To read about more ways to “green up “your funeral practices you can visit our “Burial” information page on the KORU website by clicking here.

To learn more about the Green Burial Society of Canada, click here.



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